"The Boys" Fans Shocked By X-Rated Scene Mimicking 'Most Depraved Piece Of Media Ever Seen'

With The Boys, a few constants are guaranteed.
"The Boys" Fans Shocked By X-Rated Scene Mimicking 'Most Depraved Piece Of Media Ever Seen'

With The Boys, a few constants are guaranteed.

Expect plenty of gore, playful jabs at Marvel, and X-rated scenes that leave you asking yourself, ‘what the f**k did I just watch?’

We’re pleased to announce that season four of The Boys delivers on all these aspects and then some.

This new season, which is set to be the second-to-last, includes one scene in particular that has left fans feeling repulsed, possibly making it the most ‘gross’ scene yet.

While The Boys often draws its parodies from various media, the second episode of season four is inspired by a film infamously labeled as ’the most depraved piece of media ever seen.’

For those familiar with cult films, it’s no surprise that this dubious honor goes to The Human Centipede franchise.

One fan once remarked about Human Centipede 2, stating: “This sh*t was way worse than A Serbian film for me.”


“Seriously what the hell. I have no problem with gore and extreme stuff but this… this is the most depraved piece of media I’ve ever seen.”

The Boys has always embraced shocking content, and this latest scene is no exception.

For those unfamiliar, The Human Centipede is a film about a grotesque experiment that connects people mouth to rear in a continuous row, forming a ‘human centipede.’

In the second episode of The Boys’ latest season, a character named Splinter is introduced. His superpower? The ability to replicate himself.

The implications soon become clear.

In a particularly disturbing scene, Kimiko and Frenchie enter a sauna only to discover Splinter engaged in a perverse act with his clones, arranged in a human centipede formation. The leader of the chain is seen pleasuring himself to an image of a new superhero named Firecracker.

The response from fans has been a mix of shock and disbelief.

On the r/TheBoys subreddit, one viewer expressed their horror: “He doing that human centipede type sh*t what the f**k”.

Another exclaimed: “BRO WHAT IN THE HOLY F**K DID I SEE”.

Over on X (previously Twitter), another fan remarked: “The ‘human centipede’ in The Boys was absolutely bonkers. What the f**k.”

However, some viewers found a humorous touch from Prime.

As the scene unfolds, a ’trivia’ popup appears in the streaming service’s interface that reads: “Actor Rob Benedict wants us to remind everyone that he studied Shakespeare at Northwestern University.

“There is no contractual obligation for us to carry out this request. This is merely a kind gesture.”

Quite the considerate move.

The first three episodes of The Boys season four are currently available on Amazon Prime.

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