Steve Irwin's Son Robert Faces Backlash As 'Disturbing' Video Goes Viral

Social media has erupted with controversy after a viral clip involving Steve Irwin's son, Robert, surfaced.
Steve Irwin's Son Robert Faces Backlash As 'Disturbing' Video Goes Viral

Social media has erupted with controversy after a viral clip involving Steve Irwin’s son, Robert, surfaced.

Born on December 1, 2003, to the renowned conservationist Steve Irwin and his devoted wife, Terri Irwin, Robert was expected to carry on his family’s deep appreciation for nature and its inhabitants.

However, the recent clip has sparked significant criticism and calls for Robert to be ‘cancelled’ due to concerns about his interactions with an animal.

Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Faces Backlash As ‘Disturbing’ Video Goes Viral

From the start, Robert Irwin’s life was immersed in the world of wildlife.

Growing up at Australia Zoo, his family’s expansive haven for animals, he was surrounded by a diverse array of creatures, both big and small.

Robert’s journey into the spotlight began early, as he joined his parents on various television programs.

At the tender age of nine, Robert Irwin faced the devastating loss of his father, Steve Irwin, in a tragic accident.

While the world grieved the passing of The Crocodile Hunter, Robert and his family pledged to uphold Steve’s legacy by continuing his mission of wildlife conservation.

In the years that passed, Robert Irwin emerged as a significant figure in the realm of conservation.

He became a recognizable presence on television, hosting wildlife documentaries and appearing on talk shows to highlight environmental concerns.

One of Robert’s most noteworthy contributions has been his involvement at the Australia Zoo.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, he actively participates in the zoo’s activities, working diligently to ensure the welfare of its animal inhabitants.

Additionally, Robert has taken the lead in numerous conservation campaigns, advocating for the safeguarding of endangered species and their habitats.

However, the recent emergence of a ‘disturbing’ clip involving Robert has caused a backlash against the young star on the internet…

Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Faces Backlash As ‘Disturbing’ Video Goes Viral

Social media is filled with demands to ‘cancel’ Robert Irwin following a recent incident at the family’s Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland.

While promoting the zoo’s reopening and the fourth season of their docuseries “Crikey! It’s the Irwins” on the Australian morning show Today, alongside his mother, Terri Irwin, Robert showed a video of his close encounter with Casper, one of the zoo’s crocodiles.

The controversy has ignited passionate debates on social media platforms. Some users are criticizing the zoo’s practices and calling for an end to the captivity of wildlife for human entertainment.

Others are expressing concerns about the safety of such interactions, questioning the ethics of putting both humans and animals at risk for the sake of entertainment.

According to the Daily Mail, Robert and the Australia Zoo have faced significant backlash on social media following the Casper incident, particularly regarding the zoo’s crocodile shows.

“Zoos should never exist, wild animals shouldn’t be held captive for the amusement of humans,” one person writes.

Others express sentiments like “Leave the animals alone”.

And a third person says: “When will they learn? This is sad. For a show, was it worth it?”

“OH DAMN!!! He IS taking after his father! I couldn’t stand to watch Steve bait the animals so that he would look “tough” and brave! This is just wrong. Make Robert STOP!!!” one user writes.

“He shouldn’t be allowed to do it,” says another.

And another agrees, “That’s how the family makes money from animal cruelty.”

Amid the criticism, some commenters have voiced support for Robert.

One individual points out “It’s funny how the internet says cancel but yet his zoo is still running they still have a website to visit and I’m sure they still have videos on YouTube to watch. Sounds a lot like y’all trying to cancel, but failing.”

Another commenter urges: “People need to chill out and leave this guy alone, do people realise the croc has gone through this routine hundreds of times and it’s not been a problem before? Maybe he was just having an off day and he is pretty well looked after.”

A simpler response dismisses “Cancelled. What nonsense. He isn’t a subscription. He still exists.”

Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Faces Backlash As ‘Disturbing’ Video Goes Viral

In the video, Robert narrowly avoids an encounter with Casper, who charges at him. This prompts the keeper to shout “Bail, bail, bail!!!” as fellow keepers rush in to assist him.

Despite the intense moment, Robert maintains a positive perspective, describing it as “a lot of fun” and praising Casper as an impressive specimen.

On Instagram, he wrote, “We can educate everyone about their conservation. But safety for us is also crucial and you definitely have to know when to call it. And with such a powerful and quick croc like Casper, we had no choice but to bail!”

However, not everyone shares Robert’s enthusiasm for his interactions with the crocodiles.

Some viewers have criticized the zoo’s approach to such encounters, labeling them as “animal abuse for entertainment” and accusing the Irwin family of “tormenting” the reptiles.

Despite facing criticism, Terri Irwin has voiced her pride in her son’s commitment to carrying on his father’s legacy by studying crocodiles at the zoo.

“There are days where you cut it finer than other days, but I know that Robert’s well-rehearsed with crocodiles,” she said, as reported by Distractify.

“Because I watched the crocs that used to try so diligently to kill your dad, and now they’re after you in the same way,” she told her son, laughing.

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