Netflix's Gripping Disaster Flick, Inspired By Real Events, Keeps Audiences On The Edge

Whether you were engrossed in Netflix's emotionally charged romance series,
Netflix's Gripping Disaster Flick, Inspired By Real Events, Keeps Audiences On The Edge

Whether you were engrossed in Netflix’s emotionally charged romance series, keeping you glued to your screen for hours, or uncovering hidden Easter eggs in the latest romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day offered plenty of content to enjoy.

For those seeking a departure from the sweetness of the occasion, there’s a fresh recommendation gaining attention among Netflix fans.

Enter “The Abyss” - a gripping disaster film based on true events that’s generating quite the buzz.

Released in 2023, “The Abyss” was helmed by director Richard Holm, with a screenplay crafted by Holm alongside Robin Sherlock Holm and Nicola Sinclair.

The story revolves around the residents of Kiruna, Sweden, thrust into a battle for survival after a devastating rock burst puts the entire town at risk.

Kiruna, a real city, lends an authentic backdrop to the film, enhancing its realism.

However, like many films and TV shows, “The Abyss” draws inspiration from more than just its setting.

With a cast including Tuva Novotny as Frigga, Kardo Razzari as Dabir, Felicia Maxime as Mika, and Peter Franzén as Tage, among others, the film promises a stellar ensemble performance.

The Abyss | Official trailer | Netflix

The movie primarily revolves around a series of seismic disasters.

Frigga, the security manager at the Kiruna mine, struggles to comprehend the magnitude of the devastation before the situation spirals out of control.

Following a catastrophic rock burst in the mine, sinkholes emerge, prompting Frigga to hastily devise an evacuation strategy to save as many townsfolk as she can.

Loosely inspired by a true event from four years prior, wherein mining operations induced a 4.8 magnitude earthquake in Kiruna, the film captures the essence of the disaster.

Netflix’s Gripping Disaster Flick, Inspired By Real Events, Keeps Audiences On The Edge

However, the filmmakers exercised creative freedom, introducing several fictional elements to heighten the narrative’s drama.

While the mining incident of 2020 didn’t culminate in the apocalyptic events portrayed in the film, “The Abyss” diverges from reality.

Nevertheless, “The Abyss” has ignited passionate conversations on platforms like the Netflix Bangers Facebook group, with one viewer expressing their astonishment. “This had me on the edge of my seat!”

Another member of the group shared their thoughts on the film during their current viewing experience. “Watching it now. So far so good,”

While a third viewer commented, “Yes watched this last night and yes, it’s a sitting on the edge of your seat kinda movie.”

The film has garnered attention on social media platforms such as Facebook, but its reception among critics and audiences has been varied, as indicated by an 18 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

John Serba of Decider noted, “The application of a little verisimilitude helps a disaster flick like The Abyss go down a little bit easier.” This suggests that incorporating a sense of realism could potentially improve the viewing experience.

Roger Moore from Movie Nation provided a less favorable critique, expressing: “Entirely too on-the-nose, time and again, as it saunters towards a finale sure to surprise no one, even those it leaves feeling film-comfort-food satisfied at the end.”

“The Abyss” is currently streaming on Netflix, allowing viewers to formulate their own judgments on this gripping disaster movie.

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