Slang Phrases That Signal You're Old, According To Gen-Z

As Millennials nearing their thirties, the torch is being passed to a new generation that's redefining our everyday language.
Slang Phrases That Signal You're Old, According To Gen-Z

The colorful slang once popularized by an earlier era is gradually being edged out by the creative expressions of today’s youth.

While I might describe this shift as a disaster, the term “travesty” itself has fallen out of favor—proving my point.

It’s vital to understand that the transformation of language is a constant, historically continuous phenomenon.

For example, old-fashioned words like ‘jackanape’ and ‘ragamuffin’ have disappeared as language naturally progresses—a testament to the relentless evolution of human communication.

Keeping pace with these changes, a TikToker recently highlighted several Millennial slang terms that are becoming obsolete.

Yolo Is Dead, Long Live ‘f**k It We Ball’

TikToker Allegra Miles has noted that ‘YOLO’ (you only live once) has given way to the bolder ‘f**k it we ball’.

She describes this new phrase as a spirited ‘here we are, why not, let’s go,’ complete with expressive gestures, capturing the spirit of the phrase in a way that’s hard to ignore.

Slang Phrases That Signal You’re Old, According To Gen-Z

Despite its wordier delivery, this shift in slang isn’t unprecedented.

Historically, when the Roman poet Horace penned ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day), he was also channeling a universal human urge to live life to the fullest.

‘Carpe diem,’ ‘YOLO,’ and ‘f**k it we ball’ all express this shared impulse to embrace life’s opportunities boldly—after all, why hesitate?

And really, when was the last time you actually heard someone say ‘YOLO’?

Slay Has Been Slain, Now We Eat

There was a period when saying someone was ‘killing it’ evolved into ‘slay’.

Now, ‘slay’ has been replaced by ’eat’, and more specifically, ‘ate’.

Slang Phrases That Signal You’re Old, According To Gen-Z

This term has variations like ‘ate and left no crumbs’ or ‘she ate with this outfit’.

Occasionally, you might hear a succinct ‘THEY ATE’, and that says everything you need to know.

Just to be clear, some Gen Zers I know still frequently use ‘slay’, and they were surprised to learn it’s considered a Millennial expression.

They’ve made it clear that discovering this won’t make them change their language habits.

You Don’t Have Game, You’ve Got Rizz

This next term, ‘rizz’, is one I’m somewhat acquainted with—not because I possess it, but because I grasp its origins.

‘Rizz’ comes from ‘charisma’ and describes an ability to attract or charm others.

Slang Phrases That Signal You’re Old, According To Gen-Z

While ‘game’ traditionally focused on charm, ‘rizz’ applies more broadly and can be used in various situations.

You might even hear about someone managing to ‘rizz up’ another person, showcasing the versatility of ‘rizz’ as a verb.

I’d prefer if you didn’t ask me about ‘skibidi rizz’—I’m as in the dark as anyone else and might prefer to stay that way.

You’re Not On Point, You’re Locked In

Allegra points out that while these two slang terms resonate similarly, they aren’t exactly interchangeable.

 Slang Phrases That Signal You’re Old, According To Gen-Z

She characterizes their mentality as a resolute ’let’s go, we’re doing this,’ similar to ‘YOLO’ and ‘f**k it we ball’, but with a more deliberate and less capricious tone.

Whereas older slang often conveyed a sense of spontaneity, terms like ‘on point’ or ’locked in’ suggest a deeper, more dedicated approach.

Being ’locked in’ implies that you are dependable, that others rely on you, and that it’s admirable to fulfill those expectations.


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Vibe Makes Way For Type Beat

When discussing the ambiance of a place, many Gen Z individuals might describe it as ‘it’s giving’, followed by the specific vibe it emanates.

The TikToker acknowledged that this might boil down to personal preference.

Instead of referring to a place as having an ‘ambient vibe’, you might hear ‘ambient type beat’.

But as I’ve noted, the Gen Z folks I interact with might simply express it as ‘it’s giving ambiance, it’s giving cozy’.

Now you’re up to speed with how language is evolving right before our very ears, allowing you to stay trendy—at least until the next wave of change arrives with the following generation.

Then, what you’ve become accustomed to might start to seem strange and daunting.

So, savor your youth while it lasts, Generation Z. Time marches on for everyone.

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