'Lads Should Always Pay For First Date – I Spend Too Much Money On Looking Hot'

First dates can often be awkward for both individuals involved.
'Lads Should Always Pay For First Date – I Spend Too Much Money On Looking Hot'

It can be challenging to decide on a venue for drinks and to select the perfect outfit for the occasion. Now, one model has taken it upon herself to explain why men should cover the expenses on the first date.

Playboy model Janaina Prazeres, 35, firmly believes that women should not have to spend a penny on the initial meeting. In fact, she has compiled a comprehensive list detailing why she thinks they shouldn’t.


She remarked, “Who hasn’t assumed that the man would at least foot the bill on the first date, only to be surprised by his attitude when the day finally arrives? I’ve experienced it myself.”


The blonde model compiled a list outlining why men should foot the bill, citing the significant expenses women often incur to look their best for the occasion.

She elaborated, “It is their obligation to demonstrate a minimum of chivalry, we spend a lot of money on everything from bathing to accessories. They don’t have all that worry.”

Janaina also sought the opinions of her friends, who echoed her sentiments. She added,


“Talking to them, I realised that every 10 dates, about eight men don’t pay.”

“Just for us to get ready, we’ve already invested the equivalent of at least two dinners with starter, main course and dessert.”

The model highlighted several topics, including:

Bathing: Janaina emphasized that women spend hundreds on products alone, whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, or moisturizing cream.

Hair: Women prioritize feeling beautiful, investing in salon treatments to maintain their locks. Even simple procedures like highlights or a haircut can amount to significant expenses.

Fashion: Naturally, wanting to make a statement, women often opt for a new outfit for the occasion. Janaina believes this alone could be a costly endeavor, especially when purchasing a new dress and heels.


‘Lads Should Always Pay For First Date – I Spend Too Much Money On Looking Hot’


Accessories: It’s widely acknowledged that jewelry can be a significant expense, with the model estimating costs in the hundreds.

Makeup: “We rarely see women with little makeup on dates, we like this care and it’s really important. Gives a boost to any production,” Janaina said.

She concluded: “I do not pay or share any bills. What I need now is to impose my limits. And, if men are not gentlemen on their own, let’s make them become better people.”

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