AI Shows Us Modern Version Of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa Painting

You may have seen the Mona Lisa before, but this time it's a whole new look!
AI Shows Us Modern Version Of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa Painting

You may have seen the Mona Lisa before, but this time it’s a whole new look!

Artificial intelligence (AI) has used its creative power to imagine how the famous painting would appear if it were made today.

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The AI version of the Mona Lisa shows her with flawless skin, beautiful green eyes, a perfect nose, and, well, a bit more cleavage than the original.

And interestingly, she does seem like the kind of person who would be totally at home posting selfies on Instagram.

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The picture caused quite a buzz when it was shared on Twitter and Reddit.

Of course, some men were quite interested in the painting’s new… features.

One person joked, “Mona Lisa if she was an Instagram influencer.”

Another added humorously, “Mona Lisa looks like she has an OnlyFans. Me after typing in ‘hot Mona Lisa with MASSIVE HONKERS’”

But some questioned the AI’s, well, intelligence.

“AI be putting boobs on pictures and you guys act like it’s like the most amazing thing ever,” one person commented.

“Well, it’s pretty obvious who invented AI! I no longer feel that threatened by the ‘intelligence’ part. And authentic is always more fun than artificial.”

This isn’t the first time AI has gotten creative with the Mona Lisa.

Earlier this year, a viral image showed what the landscape outside of the iconic painting’s frame might look like.

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Back then, many people saw the image as a showcase of AI’s limitations rather than its brilliance.

“The core problem with the current AI pitch is the assumption that we should always need or want more, when choosing exactly what we mean to say and show is central to both art and communication. What lies beyond the frame was not chosen; that was the point,” tweeted @disco_jill.

Twitter user @PlanetofFinks pointed out, “this is actually a great demonstration of what AI can do. In that it doesn’t know to give her legs and adds a second horizon above the horizon because it isn’t an intelligence and doesn’t know anything.”

The original Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1506.

The woman in the painting is likely Lisa del Giocondo, an Italian noblewoman.

The Mona Lisa has been on display at the Louvre in Paris since 1797.

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