Who Is ‘Inventing Anna’s’ Chase Sikorski In Real Life? A Tech Bro?

  • Anna Delvey (actual name: Anna Sorokin) made headlines in 2018 when a Vanity Fair article outlined how she tricked rich New Yorkers out of their money in a lengthy and thorough manner.
  • A total of $275,000 was stolen from hotels, acquaintances, and even financial institutions by the Russian-born fraudster, who was convicted of eight felony offenses in 2019. Her on-screen lover was similarly shown as being deceptive and deceitful in the program. The subject of a popular Netflix miniseries titled Inventing Anna, she has now become well-known.
  • But who was her real-life sweetheart, and on whom was the character of Chase Sikorski based, and how did they meet? So far, here’s all you need to know:

Who Is The Real Anna Sorokin? Photos

It is the subject of the Netflix documentary Inventing Anna, which exposes the amazing story of Anna Sorokin, a woman who reinvented herself as Anna Delvey and pretended to be a wealthy heiress from Germany while scamming others out of their money. There are a lot of characters in the miniseries who are based on actual individuals, but the trailer makes it clear that some of the portions are “completely made up.”

So, that gets us to Anna’s on-screen lover, Chase Sikorski, who was presented in the same light as Anna since he had defrauded his investors. Is he based on a real person, or was he inserted into the story for the sake of a different plotline? After all, the actual Anna has weighed in, and she has promised to provide some tea to the location in question.

So far, here’s all you need to know.

Is Chase Sikorski’s persona based on a real person, or is he made up?

Anna Sorokin's Boyfriend: Is Chase Sikorski a Real Person?

That appears to be the case. Chase appears in three episodes (out of a total of nine) of the series. He aspires to be a multimillionaire in the technology industry, and he has developed an app called Wake that gathers and crowdsources information from people’s dreams. Chase and Anna appear to be at a good place romantically, so…is Chase a real person or a fictional character?

It appears that a portion of it is based on actual events. According to a New York Magazine piece that detailed Anna’s offenses, she did have a partner who worked in the technology industry.

The narrative did not mention Anna’s boyfriend by name, but he was characterized as “a futurist on the TED Talks circuit who’d been covered in The New Yorker” by the author. Their travels took them to “places favored by the itinerant affluent,” where they “lived out of expensive hotels and hosted scenery dinners where the Futurist boasted about his app and Delvey talked about the private club she intended to start when she turned 25 and received her trust fund.”

Anna promises to reveal Chase’s identity…for a charge, of course

Let we begin with the following: Anna has supposedly taken notice of all of the attention being paid to her ex and has offered to sell his identity to the highest bidder via her Instagram Story, which has gone viral.

“Would you like to know who the actual ‘Chase’ is?” she added in her message. “The exclusive is awarded to the media outlet that placed the highest bid. “The starting bid is $10,000. Please contact me to place a bid.”

anna delvey's boyfriend chase is based on a real person

It has been reported by several sources that Anna’s real-life boyfriend was Hunter Lee Soik

Where is Hunter Lee Soik Today?

Numerous real-life individuals have been identified as probable past lovers of Anna, including Hunter Lee Soik, who recently relocated to the United Arab Emirates and was previously highlighted in The New Yorker magazine.

Soik has also given a TED Talk (see it here) and developed a database software called Shadow that was never released, both of which appear to be a good fit for Anna’s on-screen lover, according to his LinkedIn profile.

According to Page Six, multiple sources have verified to them that Hunter is Anna’s ex-husband—and that he was instrumental in her ascension into the ranks of New York’s rich elite. “Hunter is the individual that introduced her to the situation,” a source claimed. “He is a sociable individual on a worldwide scale. Although no one was aware of his occupation, he was always offering counsel on how to go up the corporate ladder.”

As stated by another source, “He’s linked to a tonne of very sociable individuals in the technology area.”


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Where has Anna Sorokin’s ex-boyfriend disappeared to?

The Man Behind New App Shadow Wants To Quantify Our Dreams

Soik previously worked as a creative consultant on Jay-Z and Kayne West’s “Watch The Throne” tour, so he’s made a good living for himself thus far in his career.

According to his LinkedIn page, he is the founder and executive chairman of the ens group, which describes itself as “a Hong Kong-based family office focusing on investing in frontier technologies and groundbreaking product experiences.” In other words, he’s now doing…I’m not sure.

In addition, the company’s website is now inaccessible via the link provided.

“Building deep-tech ecosystems and shaping tech regulation and policy” has been the focus of Hunter’s work for the government of Dubai over the last five years, and his most recent position was as Head of Innovation and Futures for Dubai Airport Freezone Authority, where he worked until recently.

Hunter has 76 distinct experiences listed on his LinkedIn page, indicating that he has been a very active man.

Even though Hunter has more than 54,000 followers on Instagram and his profile photo is from his TED Talk, his account is now locked to “private” for security reasons.

Despite this apparent lack of interest, it appears that he is still eager in becoming a part of Anna’s tale.

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