Tom Cruise Girlfriend: Things You Need To Know!

From 1987 to 1990, he was married to Mimi Rogers, then to Nicole Kidman, and then to Katie Holmes from 2006 through 2012. His splits drew greater notice as his fame soared.

Fans assumed Cruise’s involvement with Scientology was to blame for ending his 11-year marriage to the Big Little Lies alum. He later stated that he wanted to keep the decision secret.

“She and I both know why,” he told Vanity Fair. “I wish her well as my children’s mother. I think you should go on. And I don’t mean that. That is hardly a compliment. Things happen in life, and you try everything you can to avoid it, but sometimes you have to confront the cruel reality.”

tom cruise girlfriend

Kidman said she “fell madly, deeply in love” with her ex-husband in 2002. “He swept me off my feet… “When I fell in love, I was like, ‘Forget it. This is it,’” she added. “I voluntarily consumed it. And I wanted a baby with him. No matter whether we were married.”

The Moulin Rouge! actress was pregnant at the time of their breakup. During their marriage, the now-exs adopted two children, about whom Kidman has been “very private.”

“I must safeguard those bonds. “I know I would lose my life for my children because that is my purpose,” she told Who magazine in 2019. “They are old. They can make their own choices. They chose to be Scientologists, and it is my duty as a mother to love them.

After their breakup, Cruise moved on with Holmes, with whom he had a daughter in 2006. They married the same year, however she divorced in 2012.

A source informed Us Weekly that Kidman had contacted Holmes after their split. She talked up about her journey to single motherhood years later.

This is her April 2020 InStyle cover storey. “It was a lot of attention, and I had a child. … I want her to be herself, strong, confident, and capable. And know.”


Melissa Gilbert, 56, claimed she dated Tom Cruise in the early 1980s on NBC’s Little House on the Prairie. This was early in his career! “He was still Tom Mapother when I dated him. “I was 16 or 17 when he first relocated to Los Angeles,” Melissa remarked on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2017.

No intercourse with him, Laura added. “We kissed, but there was no sex. He kissed well. But, you know, he was a starving actor. I got him his first set of dishes.” Also in October 2019, Melissa reflected on her friendship/past connection with Tom, another “Brat Pack” pal.

Heath Locklear 2

Heather Locklear, 59, never dated Tom Cruise, but she did go on one (kind of) date. It didn’t go well, she recalls. When Tom “didn’t have friends” in Hollywood in the early ’80s, they both “auditioned for something” together, she revealed in a 2013 interview on Chelsea Lately. So they danced.

Remember in ‘Risky Business’ when he does the splits in his underwear? He entered a club where we were dancing. The splits started,” Heather remarked. “You just sort of stand there, unsure what to do. Do you follow him? ‘I’ll simply sit down and you can’.”

“And that was your only date?” Chelsea Handler then asked Heather, who said, “I believe so.” Tom and Heather in 1981.

De Mornay Rebecca

Risky Business, Tom Cruise’s first film, starred Rebecca de Mornay and Tom Cruise as lovers. Their on-screen chemistry was real! In a 2018 interview with Celebrity Page, Rebecca revealed that “He came to grow on me because we wound up together for two and a half years after that film.”


In 2013, Tom Cruise was named one of Cher’s “Top 5” boyfriends on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “I had the most amazing lovers. A short list. He said, “It’s just a nice list.”

In a separate interview, Cher described their friendship. “The White House invited dyslexics, and Tom and I am also dyslexic. Our date was much later, but there was clearly a connection,” Cher told the Mail on Sunday in 2018. “Though I don’t get Scientology,” she added. I don’t comprehend it, so I…”

tom cruise girlfriend

Rogers, Mimi

During this engagement, Tom Cruise notably joined the Church of Scientology, which he now leads. When Tom met Mimi Rogers, she had just divorced Scientologist Jim Rogers. When I was producing Top Gun, I met her at a dinner party. “She was dating a buddy, and I thought she was brilliant,” Tom recounted in a 1986 Rolling Stone interview.

But Mimi had a different storey. “They thought, ‘These folks should be going out with someone — let’s see if they want to go out with each other.’ ‘What the heck,’ we said. in the Sun Sentinel in 1987.

Tom sounded smitten in another Rolling Stone interview just days before announcing his breakup from Mimi. “I’d never been in love.” It’s opened me up a lot since I met her. It has made me a better actor. We share a lot of life. « I love my wife more than anything in the world,” he gushed later. She’s my pal. I just enjoy being with her. “I adore.” After the interview, the divorce was formalised in 1990.

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Kidman, Nicole

Tom Cruise married Moulin Rouge! star Nicole Kidman, 53. In 1990, they met on the set of Days of Thunder, where they portrayed lovers. They were married by the end of the year. In their 11-year marriage, Tom and Nicole adopted Isabella in 1992 and Connor in 1994.

In 1999, Tom and Nicole co-starred in Eyes Wide Shut. “We were blissfully married through that,” Nicole told the New York Times in an exclusive interview in October 2020. We’d go kart racing after that. We’d rent a place and race at 3 a.m. I’m speechless. Maybe I can’t look back and analyse it. Or I’m unwilling.”

Nicole infamously refused to join Tom’s Church of Scientology, where even their children were active. Following their split in February 2001, Tom filed for divorce two days later. The ex-couples still have minimal contact. According to an EXCLUSIVE HollywoodLife insider, Tom has had little to no contact with Nicole in the 18 years since their marriage. “He doesn’t miss her at all.”

Cruz, Penélope

Tom Cruise divorced his wife and began dating Penélope Cruz, 46, whom he met on the production of Vanilla Sky in 2000. Their three-year romance ended in 2004, according to their reps. “They are still close friends and chat often. “No one else is involved,” Penelope’s spokeswoman told PEOPLE.

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Holmes, Katie

Enter Katie Holmes, one of Tom Cruise’s most renowned ex-wives. In 2004, she admitted to Seventeen Magazine that she “used to think [she] was going to marry Tom Cruise,” which turned out to be true. The two met the following year.

Katie and Tom made their first public appearance in April 2005. Tom met up with the Dawson’s Creek star in Rome to collect his lifetime achievement award, the David di Donatello. On Oprah Winfrey’s couch, Tom declared he was “in love,” to which Oprah replied, “The boy is gone.”

The romance blossomed. In June 2005, Katie announced her conversion to Scientology (Tom’s religion) and her engagement to Tom. In October, the couple found out they were expecting, and Suri was born in April 2006.

It was all going well for Katie and Tom until June 2012, when Katie filed for divorce. A month later, Suri’s custody was agreed. In an interview with German TV network ProSieben a year later, Tom said he “didn’t expect” the divorce.

tom cruise girlfriend

Atwell, Hayley

That brings us to the end of our list, a recent development. Tom is apparently seeing Hayley Atwell, who played Peggy Carter in the Captain America films, according to a Dec. 18, 2020 report from The Sun. They’ve been filming Mission 7: Impossible together during the pandemic (seen above during a set break).

“Lockdown, and all the challenges that came with it, pulled them even closer and they’ve become practically inseparable,” a source told The Sun. In fact, since his marriage to Katie, Tom hasn’t confirmed any romances.

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