Sun. Mar 7th, 2021
Tennis Channel

YouTube is a popular video streaming platform. Three employees from PayPal chipped in to create it. It was created in 2005 but was handed over to Google in 2006. YouTube now works under the assistance of Google. But every best thing we see these days does have shortcomings. And YouTube is not an exception. Prices have been increasing on this app and the rising curve is not always accepted. Google has made many additions to the video streaming platform over the years. But it’s not always sunny, sometimes it loses channels including some sports channels.

No Tennis Channel since 30th November

There are so many more channels that people would like to have access to. For instance, there are Knicks fans that would like to see MSG being added. There are also tennis fans who would enjoy seeing their faves on YouTube at the best of their comforts but these dreams were crushed when people started getting emails from YouTube TV stating that YouTube has lost a Tennis Channel. The streaming giant said that their contract with the channel has expired and starting from 30th of November this year, there won’t be a Tennis Channel available through YouTube.

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No recordings or contents from Tennis Channel via YouTube

So if you are planning to record some content from Tennis Channel or intend to watch your favorite broadcasts, drop those plans because they have ended their ties and YouTube is not going to offer any Tennis content from now on. YouTube has even apologized to the members who have paid for the membership. There is still some suspicion around this whole thing because it might cause some outraged Tennis fans to quit and cancel the service.

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