Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

MicrosoftAfter the onset of pandemic people have started shifting work and studies from offices and classes into virtual platforms. There are online classes and meetings going on in real time. So, the video calls and meets have become vital parts of this new system. Most part of lockdown was spent on Zoom classes and Google meet. Now Microsoft, the popular tech giant is trying to compete with these already established video meeting platforms. Microsoft has come up with video calling that will be free all day. Its available on the web for its Teams applications. If things go well for Microsoft, it might also attract the users of Zoom and Google Meet.

  • The pro of using Microsoft Video Call is that the user won’t need a Microsoft account or Microsoft Teams Application. He can join without these two requirements getting in the way.
  • Earlier this year, Microsoft launched Teams Application for handsets.
  • Now the desktop and web will get additional features like Teams’ Friends and Family features
  • While using Microsoft’s Video Calling one can add up to 300 people and there will be no charges for a full day
  • This is an advantage for both the company and customers. It is hard to connect with acquaintances during the festive season and an virtual connection is something we all need right now. It will benefit both the users and Microsoft.

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About the host and people who can join

  • Microsoft Teams Application includes the together mode feature which will you see forty nine friends and family in a single view. This virtual environment will reduce the anxiety among the people who can’t meet their close pals for Thanksgiving this year.
  • With the containment of disease in the back of mind, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has suggested people to stay at homes and refrain from grouping up. This calls for the use of virtual platforms and connect. Microsoft has tried to provide people with their services during these times.
  • Zoom and Google meet both have time limits but Microsoft will offer all-day free Video Calls. Zoom has a time limit of 40 minutes and Google Meet has time limit of 60 minutes. There is no such limit in Microsoft
  • In order to host a meeting on Microsoft Teams, user has to create an account and sign in to Teams Website. After creating a meeting, share the link with people who need to be a part of it. They can join in without even having an account.

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