Castle Season 8: Is it the last season? When will Season 9 air? Find Out Here!

Castle Season 8: Is it the last season? When will Season 9 air? Find Out Here! : Castle was supposed to be renewed for a ninth season, but ABC chose to cancel it. The following are the reasons behind the popular show’s cancellation.

Fans of Nathan Fillion’s prior role as Richard Castle in the comedy-drama series Castle will remember him fondly, even if he is presently saving the day and solving crimes in The Rookie.

Castle ran on ABC for eight seasons from 2009 to 2016 and was tentatively renewed for a ninth season, with actor Nathan Fillion slated to reprise his role.

Here are the reasons why ABC changed its mind and opted not to renew Castle for a ninth season.

The New York Police Department had engaged best-selling mystery novelist Richard Castle to help with an investigation into a copycat murder, it was revealed early in the series.

Castle works closely with real-life NYPD detective Kate Beckett, portrayed by Stana Katic, to acquire ideas for his new book series.

There is initially rivalry between them due to Castle’s more youthful personality and Beckett’s by-the-book professionalism, but they eventually become friends before falling in love and marrying during Castle Season 7.

Season 8 closed with a seven-year flashback, showing Castle and Beckett married with three children. This was the series’ last episode.

Following the completion of Season 7 of Castle, both Fillion and Katic signed one-year contract extensions, fueling speculation that the program might be cancelled.

Castle’s ratings dropped significantly in Season 8, averaging around 10 million viewers each episode, a series low and a considerable decrease from Season 7’s average audience.

According to reports, a prospective ninth season’s production budget would be drastically decreased, with a shorter episode order and a smaller main cast.

Following ABC’s restructuring, the planned changes to Castle were revealed, with Channing Tatum voicing his opinion

Dungey will replace Paul Lee as the next president of ABC. Lee served as ABC’s Head of ABC for the bulk of the show’s existence until being replaced in the latter months of Season 8.

As is common with new employers, Dungey had to make a decision concerning Castle’s future when he joined ABC.

Katic and fellow series regular Tamala Jones were both cancelled due to reports of a smaller budget for Season 9, despite the fact that the majority of the core actors had signed one-season extensions.

Given the show’s emphasis on the bond between Castle and Beckett, many were stunned by the decision to continue with Castle without Katic.

Rumors of on-set feuding between Fillion and Katic provoked outrage among fans, which ran counter to their characters’ relationship.

Due to the outcry, ABC officially cancelled Castle a week after Fillion said he had extended his contract for a planned Season 9.

Regardless of how many seasons Castle ran, it looked like the show’s tenure was coming to an end. The show’s ratings and contract renewals started to drop one season at a time.

ABC opted against showing the ninth season due to this, as well as the network’s new leadership, displeasure with the network’s decreased budget, and the removal of Katic.

Castle was a tremendous smash for ABC when it premiered in 2009. The sitcom was unceremoniously discontinued after eight seasons of decreasing viewership and politics in the background.