Richard Saghian Net Worth – Age, Career, Early Life & More!

In addition to being the CEO of Fashion Nova, Richard Saghian is a successful businessman with a net worth of $50 million. Its collaboration with influencers’ Instagram accounts and its ability to deliver trend-driven items swiftly have propelled Fashion Nova to the top of the fashion industry’s popularity charts in a very short period of time.

Richard Saghian Net Worth

Fashion Nova reached a 600 percent profit margin in 2018, which means they produced more income than they did when he first established the web firm in 2014, according to the company. He can pay Kylie Jenner and Amber Rose out of the earnings generated by Fashion Nova, implying that the company is quite profitable.

Richard Saghian’s Early Life

Richard Saghian, an Iranian-American, was born on January 31, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. He is the father of two children.

Richard Saghian Net Worth

He spent his childhood working as a sales assistant at his father’s women’s retail stores, where he learned the fundamentals of the industry while also dreaming of a future in the industry. During the summer, he made the decision to go to work. He went to a high school in California and graduated with honors from there.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


Richard founded his company in 2006 in Los Angeles, where he offered his products at a lower price than those offered by other designer brands at the time. In 2006, he opened his first Fashion Nova store in Panorama Mall in Los Angeles, California.

The encouragement of influential people enabled him to broaden his business and take it online, specifically on Instagram.

In an interview, Saghian explained that being willing to personally listen to his customers provided him with insight into what women desired, what was lacking, and what was essential for their lives. He recognized very early on that understanding his customers’ minds and requirements was critical to the success of his firm.

Richard Saghian Net Worth

Prior to his company becoming well-known, he had only 60,000 Instagram followers, which made him apprehensive about launching an e-commerce website. During that time period, models with curvaceous bodies were popular. It was his dream to launch a firm that would specialize in affordable women’s clothing in a range of styles. He had no idea where to begin.

With their authentication tokens, Instagram influencers and celebrities promoted his brand by posting images of themselves wearing FashionNova outfits and encouraging their followers to purchase the items using their tokens.

FashionNova now has more than 16 million followers and has posted more than 49 thousand times on her Instagram account.


Richard is well-known for his company, Fashion Nova, which has had a successful outcome as well as various honors and accolades bestowed upon it by the industry. Ardi, a rapper and a member of the Ardi clan, has joined his firm.

Real Estate

Saghian paid $17.5 million for an off-market purchase of a house in the Hollywood Hills. In the absence of any evidence of a lien in official documents, he paid in full upfront.

Richard Saghian Net Worth

His estate, Tim Bergling’s (Avicci) Estate, marketed the property to him in a clandestine manner.

Net Worth

Richard Saghian, the CEO of Fashion Nova, has an estimated net worth of approximately $50 million as of 2022.

For the brand, social media is the most important source of marketing, and they release roughly 600-900 new styles per week on the platform. Saghain currently earns $5 million each year from his business.

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