Project Warlock 2 Demo Is Now Available On Steam

Wolfenstein 3D combines the flat visuals and level design of the original game with current advancement algorithms and a large number of weapon upgrades. It worked out very well for Jakub “Kuba” Cislo, who developed Project Warlock with a small crew while still in high school, according to his account.

After having recently played the demo, I can see why it received such positive feedback. Despite the fact that the firearms pack a punch, the crisp sprites work well with the game’s current lighting and particle effects.

Project Warlock 2 Demo Is Finally Out on Steam

After graduating and gaining a full game’s worth of experience, Cislo and the rest of the team at Buckshot Software are going all-in on Project Warlock 2, which was officially unveiled today at the PC Gaming Show 2021 with the release of a brand new video.

Project Warlock 2

Those who are yearning for more information about Buckshot Software’s upcoming Project Warlock II may now do so by visiting the game’s Kickstarter page, which has already exceeded its financial targets. That is not to say that there aren’t any stretch objectives to achieve, since there are still plenty of opportunities to do so (along with backer perks).

Aside from that, Buckshot Software and publisher Retrovibe have launched the game’s Steam page, where you can add the game to your wishlist (it is scheduled to release in 2022) and play the demo.

Project Warlock 2 Plot & Gameplay

Immediately following the events of the first game, Project Warlock II continues up to where it left off, with the original Warlock missing and their three students on a mission to locate them.

To find the Warlock, though, you’ll have to fight your way past an army of demons. Fortunately, you have a large armory of firearms and magical weapons at your disposal.

Project Warlock 2

Due to the fact that each disciple uses a distinct form of magic, each episode has its own set of talents, perks, arsenal, and setting. Not to mention the fact that each episode has its own unique set of antagonists.

And, unlike the first game, Project Warlock II does allow you to save your progress in the game. Having said that, you’ll still need to be cautious of your surroundings because your adversaries are unrelenting in their hunt for your blood.

Project Warlock 2 Kickstarter Launch Trailer

Final Words

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