Play Super Catboy, an Action Platformer Game That’s Fast-paced and Full of Surprises!

What is Super Catboy?

A colorful and energetic adventure-platformer, Super Catboy follows the escapades of the eponymous character, Catboy, through a variety of environments.

Catboy will jump, climb, claw, and shoot his way through a swarm of mutant doggos with the help of the eccentric, gun-toting Weapon Girl in order to confront and kill the wicked Dr. Ungefug and his henchmen.

The game was created in a modernized pixel style, and the developers were able to capture not only the nostalgic essence of bygone eras but also blend it with some of the best and most innovative ideas of the present.

Today, the Super Catboy team is thrilled to share a new video with fans, which gives them a better idea of what to expect from the game.

Catboy and his feisty sidekick Weapon Girl will explore snow-capped mountain ranges, magical forests, abandoned factories, and — in true cat fashion — commit cat crimes by trespassing on private property (it’s ok, it’s the villain’s private property) as they pursue their criminal enterprise.

Mega-adventure platformer Super Catboy is a fast-paced and diversified game that blends the spirit of 90s run-and-gun mechanics with some genuinely pawsome platforming and melee combat.

Play through detailed pixel art sequences, a diverse range of stages, and an abundance of cat-related content to unravel the story’s strands.

Super Catboy Release Date

Super Catboy will now be released in 2022, according to Assemble Entertainment, which has announced a revised release date for the game.

The game has kind of been a question mark in the timetable of game releases, which is nothing new considering half the games coming out over the past year or so have been pushed back or modified their dates to where they no longer reflect what their initial aim was.

Right now, the team has set a release date for this game for somewhere in Spring 2022 but has not yet set a specific month because there is a potential it may be pushed back again.

In the meantime, to keep folks entertained, the firm has published a new gameplay clip that includes developer comments to give you a taste of what to expect. Take a look at the trailer below!

Final Words

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