Perfect Dark Could Get A Gameplay Reveal At E3

Despite the fact that the Perfect Dark remake game was first shown with a teaser trailer at the 2020 Game Awards, Microsoft’s co-developed Perfect Dark game has received little attention.

Microsoft has placed a great deal of faith in the upcoming relaunch of the classic Rare shooter, even going so far as to establish a new “AAAA” studio to work on the project exclusively. However, it appears that the Perfect Dark reboot is nearing the stage where it will be able to be shown off to the general public.

The Initiative is the Microsoft first-party developer responsible for the game, however, the last time it was updated was on September 24, 2021, in the form of a Twitter message.

It was stated that the game would be created in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics, the studio responsible for the Tomb Raider franchise. Square Enix owns Crystal Dynamics, which is a subsidiary of the company.

Jeff Grubb, in an interview with the XboxEra podcast, expounded on a tweet he sent out earlier this week in which he speculated about a number of forthcoming Xbox first-party games that may potentially be shown off at E3 in 2022 if the online expo is held. Perfect Dark: Remastered was one of the titles included on this list.

In Grubb’s opinion, Microsoft’s E3 showcase will devote a significant amount of time to three key titles, including Starfield, Redfall, and Forza Motorsport, among others.

Only three major titles would leave Xbox with a significant amount of time to fill in its showcase, and it is thought that this time will be spent showing off first-party games scheduled for release in 2023, such as Perfect Dark.

As for whether or not these games will truly be released in 2023, Jeff Grubb is skeptical, claiming that he expects at least half of them to be delayed until 2024 at the earliest. The gameplay reveal, on the other hand, would be a definitive indication of life for Perfect Dark, which has been dormant for quite some time.

In retrospect, the Perfect Dark relaunch appears to have retained the unique eco-sci-fi style that distinguished the original Perfect Dark. In 2020, the game appeared to be quite timely, and it is arguably becoming even more so now.

Although this trailer was released before the announcement that Crystal Dynamics had been hired, the game was described as being in its early stages in a tweet that was sent out shortly after the announcement.

It is currently unclear whether Crystal Dynamics has been hired to work on the exact same game that was announced in 2020, or whether the title has been totally rebuilt, with Crystal Dynamics assisting in reducing production time and keeping the reboot on track for a 2023-2024 release.

Perfect Dark is still in the early stages of development.

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