Nippon Marathon 2 – Everything We Know So Far

What is Nippon Marathon 2?

For those who didn’t get enough out of the first Nippon Marathon, the sequel attempts to take what made the first so wackily unforgettable and expand it to include the entire planet.

Travel across numerous countries, such as the United States and France, in this latest installment, and do everything you can to be the first to cross the finish line.

Nippon Marathon 2 is considered to be the pinnacle of Bakage, which literally translates as “stupid game” in Japanese. Isn’t that a sufficient explanation?

Release Date

PC (through Steam), Nintendo Switch, and EXA-ARCADIA versions of the game are all scheduled to be released in April 2022.

This game requires £32,000 in funding, and it now has 201 backers and has a current total of £18,064 with 18 days left to go. If you’d like to contribute to the development of this game in order to see it released on the Nintendo Switch, please visit the Kickstarter page by clicking on the link below.

Key Features of Nippon Marathon 2

  • An all-new and updated cast of insane characters
  • Silly physics powers, such as the “grip” ability, which allows you to hold your opponent and see what happens.
  • Touka Koukan (similar exchange) – A player’s “popularity score” will make or break their performance in the Nippon Marathon; everything has an impact on your popularity, whether it is for the better or for the worse!
  • There are new courses in cities all around the world, including London, the United States, France, and more!

  • “Unicorn Rage” by Elizabeth Nishibori is one of the most amazing new character-specific B-Moves ever created.
  • New weaponry, such as the STAR FRUIT, which is a shuriken-style weapon.
  • The characters each have their own set of stats and movements!
  • New backstories, including the story of how Snuguru Maestro became Elon Mus—-wait, what’s that?
  • Minigames and Party Games are back for another round!
  • In order to calm and/or thrill your ears, wonderful music has been brought back!


Nippon Marathon 2 is the pinnacle of “Bakage” (Japanese for “Stupid Game”) gaming experiences. Players compete against one another across a weird obstacle course until only one player is left.

The combination of skill and chaos results in a beautiful experience. You raced across Japan the last time, and this time you’re taking on the entire planet. This is the second edition of the Nippon Marathon – the Brave World Tour!

With all-new physics-based chaos, magnificent new character models, and stretch goals, including (but not limited to) online mode, Nippon Marathon 2 is constructed from the ground up.

Travel around the world as Darwin, Nishibori, Zenbei, and Snuguru, or choose one of the completely ludicrous new contenders to join you on your adventure.

Attempt to finish first in a marathon that spans the entire world. Use new skills such as grip to hold on to your opponent’s lobster tail, or use new weapons such as the star fruit to send them flying into a pile of shiba-inu with your own lobster tail.

Heck, you can even top them off with the all-new B-MOVES that are distinctive to each character!

Take a look at the world through the eyes of a Japanese game show host! Keep your eyes peeled and your lobster-onesie ready because there are plenty of surprises in store for you!

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