Vought Removes “Traitor” Starlight From The Seven’s Mural in “The Boys”

Starlight is demoted to “traitor” status by The Boys’ Vought International, which also orders her to leave the renowned mural of The Seven that depicts the fictional firm.
Recently, The Boys’ fictitious entertainment conglomerate tweeted that it has taken Starlight out of the well-known mural of The Seven at Vought Tower.

According to a tweet from Vought International, “At Vought, we believe in creating a safe and inviting work environment for workers.” “For this reason, at a relatively little cost to stockholders, we have erased Starlight from the renowned mural at Vought Tower. With no traitor present, vital business can now continue!” A picture of the removal was sent with the message; it showed the empty spot where Starlight’s image had once been on the left side of the image.

The article emphasises how The Seven members’ stress increased towards the conclusion of The Boys Season 3.

The article emphasises the increasing conflict that developed between The Seven by the conclusion of The Boys Season 3. Annie January (Erin Moriarty) resigned from her role as Starlight after Homelander (Antony Starr) coerced her into a public sexual relationship with him and threatened to hold New York hostage if she didn’t comply. Annie posted her announcement on social media and exposed Vought for the criminal operations it concealed from the public, including the existence of Soldier Boy, in order to defend herself from Vought’s slander and coercion.

After Starlight made her revelation, Vought sought to discredit her and label her a traitor by saying that she had lied about everything. In order to defend herself from her former boss, Annie continued to use social media. She defeated Homelander when she covertly recorded footage of his threats on Instagram live.

When The Boys Season 3 is over:

By the third season of The Boys, opinions about Vought International, The Seven, and Starlight were bitterly split. When Soldier Boy claimed that he hadn’t arrived back until the nuclear attack on Vought Tower in the Season 3 finale, many of Homelander’s devoted fans accepted his explanations as fact. Following the incident, the corporation announced that Queen Maeve had saved Vought from Soldier Boy, which greatly encouraged Starlight’s adherents to keep protesting against Vought. The division will probably be addressed in Season 4, which Amazon announced just days after the debut of Season 3.

When showrunner Eric Kripke uploaded a selfie of himself leaving for Colorado with the hashtags #Season4 and #TheBoys, it was revealed that filming for The Boys Season 4 had begun. There aren’t many facts available about the upcoming season, although Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), the son of Homelander, will have a bigger role and two new series will be introduced.  On Prime Video, you can watch the first three seasons of The Boys.


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