Umbrella Academy and Krypton Stars are Featured in the Red Sonja Reboot Filming:

The Red Sonja reboot movie, produced by Millennium Media, has started shooting. Matilda Lutz, who played the title role in the Rings movie, will play the eponymous character. Principal photography has already begun on the Red Sonja reboot movie. Principal photography has started on the much awaited comic book adaptation, according to Millennium Media. The production business also stated that Hannah John Kamen from Ant-Man and the Wasp has been replaced in the title character by Matilda Lutz (Revenge, Rings, Medici), who was forced to leave the film due to scheduling issues. According to the film’s director, M.J. Bassett, “I’ve wanted to make a Red Sonja movie since I was a teenager. She has been a tremendous presence for me and a character who I have always wanted to bring to the cinema with my own voice and vision.” “When I first saw Matilda Lutz, I could see the complexity and depth she would bring to Sonja, and I knew she had all the magic I was seeking for.”

It will be the second live-action movie, Red Sonja:

The 1985 film, which starred Brigitte Nielsen as the titular character and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a supporting role, is the first live-action adaptation of the sword and sorcery comic books of the same name. Red Sonja will be the second. Red Sonja was first developed by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith in 1973 for Marvel Comics, but new tales about the character have been released by Dynamite Entertainment since 2005.

In a statement, Millennium Media President Jeffrey Greenstein said, “This has been a long journey from script to screen and we are excited to go into production after assembling the best creative team, an amazing band of up and coming talent, and a fun and fantastical world powered by the Red Sonja IP. Matilda was so excellent in Revenge that we knew she was the appropriate fit for this role the instant we saw her, making them the ideal team for Red Sonja. M.J. is an extraordinary director with wonderful vision.

An Outstanding Ensemble Cast for Red Sonja:

Red Sonja will feature Wallis Day (Batwoman) and Robert Sheehan (The Umbrella Academy) as Annisia and Draygan, respectively, opposite Lutz. Hawk is played by Michael Bisping (from xXx: Return of Xander Cage), General Karlak is played by Martyn Ford (from F9: The Fast Saga), Amarak is played by Eliza Matengu (from Thor: Love and Thunder), Ayala is played by Manal El Feitury (from Code Red), and Saevus is played by Katrina Durden (from Doctor Strange).

The Bulgarian Nu Boyana Studio will begin work on Red Sonja, and the Greek Nu Boyana Studio will handle any subsequent filming. Joey Soloway (Transparent) and Tasha Huo (Tomb Raider on Netflix) wrote the shooting script for the movie. Although there have been some significant alterations, the long-delayed live-action “Red Sonja” adaptation is still in production. Hannah John-Kamen (“Killjoys,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp”) was set to feature in the Millennium Film project, which was originally being developed alongside Bryan Singer (who is happily no longer involved). That, it seems, is no longer the case. There is no current release date for Red Sonja.

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