UK airports: drop-off expenses have accelerated at -2/3rd of airports

Drop-off fees have accelerated  2/3rd of the UK’s major airports since 2019, in accordance to research. Sixteen of the 22 airports analysed have added or raised costs for losing off passengers in the past 3 years, an RAC research found. The motoring offerings company claimed drivers may be “stunned” by some of the “sky-high” fees.

Airport with the highest expenses

Stansted Airport keeps to top the desk for the most expensive so-known as kiss and fly costs, which might be commonly levied for losing off a person as near the terminal as possible. The Essex airport’s initial charge is £7 for up to 15 minutes, an increase from £4 for 10 mins in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic. A Stansted spokesman stated the rate “makes an important contribution to encouraging alternative, greater sustainable delivery options and lowering congestion at the airport and surrounding roads”.

Heathrow and Gatwick additionally rate for drop-offs

It is one in every of many airports that provide loose options for losing passengers off in mid or long-live vehicle parks linked to terminals through buses.

Eight airports rate £5 for losing off passengers. They consist of the UK’s  busiest airports: Heathrow and Gatwick Airport, which delivered the rate last year. Manchester Airport offers drivers simply 5 mins to drop off visitors for £five (up from £3 in 2019), while Liverpool John Lennon Airport has raised its fees from £3 for 20 mins to £four for 10 mins. Bristol Airport has hiked its initial charge for 10 mins from £1 to £5.

Scottish airports additionally have drop-off expenses

Dropping off passengers on the 3 largest airports in Scotland is not much cheaper.

Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow Airports have all doubled their expenses in the past 3 years to £4 for 10 mins. Airports usually rate greater for exceeding cut-off dates related to their initial expenses. Birmingham and Belfast International Airports have saved their expenses the equal since 2019 (£3 for 15 mins and £1 for 10 mins respectively), while drivers can take still benefit of free-drop-off areas close to terminal entrances at Cardiff, London City and Belfast City Airports.

What have the RAC stated?

RAC head of roads policy, Nicholas Lyes, stated limited public delivery options for a few airports and worries about train strikes mean many passengers are asking a friend or relative to provide them a lift.

He went on: “Anyone dropping a loved one off at the terminal this summer may be stunned through some of these sky-high, kiss-and-drop charges.

“And for those using the UK’s  busiest airports, the luxury of free drop-offs outdoor the terminal constructing has been changed through a few quite high expenses.

“Minute for minute and pound for pound, some of these charges could almost be as excessive as the airfare itself.” Mr Lyes stated it seems many airports have accelerated fees to “partially make up for 2 years of lost revenue” during the pandemic.

What is the recommendation for drivers?

Mr Lyes suggested drivers to investigate costs earlier than heading to airports, and warned them to be conscious that many sites use cameras to implement bans on stopping in certain areas.

“Trying to drop passengers off with out paying could result in a hefty charge,” he added.

A spokesman for industry body the Airport Operators Association stated airports offer clear information about parking and drop-off costs to make certain visitors are “well-informed at the range of options to suit their needs”.

He added: “Airports that operate drop-off costs directly outside the terminal do so for some of different reasons, including to manage congestion in capacity-confined regions and to limit the environmental and air quality impacts of ‘kiss and fly’ journeys.”

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