Two renowned Power Rangers were just Transformed into undead Ghouls by The Omegas’ newest Foe.

The saddest thing is that their narrative doesn’t end there; the deadliest Power Ranger of all time just brutally murdered two Omegas. The Power Rangers had faced far more formidable foes than they should have had to, but nothing could have prepared them for the horrors of the Death Ranger. In spite of their recent comeback, this long-ago adversary who previously wore the Gold Omega Ranger mantle has already created a terrible precedent. The Death Ranger has not only defeated death for themselves, but they also appear to have complete control over it. And to make matters worse, there might not be any chance of rescuing two of the Omegas’ own because they have used that unfathomable power on them as well. The return of Zhane, the long-lost Silver Space Ranger, added to the foreboding nature of Jason’s adventure with Andros, but Power Rangers #22 (by Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, Walter Baiamonte, Sharon Marino, Sara Antonellini, and Ed Dukeshire) made the entire gravity of the situation terrifyingly apparent. The hero who has returned is hardly more than the Death Ranger’s vessel; Zhane as Andros knew him has vanished. Jason’s remarks are interrupted by the Death Ranger’s blade as he begs for Andros’ assistance in making things right, but the Red Omega is far from finished.

The Death Ranger adopts Jason as its new:

Jason’s death transforms him into the Death Ranger’s new, stronger host, allowing Zhane to go on as the servant he was before. In a short period of time, Yale is also observed to have undergone a transformation, therefore they are not the only Rangers to experience the same destiny. Though not uncommon, it is frightening to think that these two are now the Death Ranger’s superhuman puppets. An example of how dark influences may distort someone is the former Green Supersonic Ranger Trek’s rebirth as the first Psycho Ranger. Trek’s transformation into a monster creature occurred when he absorbed the power of Dark Specter. Similar to how Trek changed into Psycho Green, Zhane, Jason, and Yale have all undergone transformations and are now whole new beings. Instead of just having their armour redesigned or being subjected to mind control, these heroes have truly been brought back to life as brand-new versions of themselves. There is no denying that all three of them had to pass away before they could be included among the ranks of the Death Ranger’s army, even though Zhane’s armour may conceal it better. At first glance, it seems that the villain’s powers simply operate in this way, but a deeper look reveals that individuals who have fallen under the Death Ranger’s control may be powerless to escape.

A Youthful Rita Repulsa had the Ability to Summon Troops:

The powers that allowed a young Rita Repulsa to cure the Phantom Ranger have previously been demonstrated to readers. Even the Rita from the first season of the TV show would later have impossibly powerful talents as the Mystic Mother. There is barely a sliver of hope that the Death Ranger will follow suit given that she is not the only iconic evil to become good. The heroes who are still alive may very well be able to save their fallen companions if they can figure out a method to benefit from the weaknesses of their new enemy for themselves. If not, the Power Rangers will already have experienced a chapter from which they will never fully recover: the Death Ranger’s return.

Those who have been claimed by the Death Ranger are probably not going to have the same luck as previous Rangers who turned against the light and were able to find salvation. Zhane, Jason, and Yale don’t have lives to go back to; it isn’t a matter of beating the Death Ranger or breaking their spell. The heroes that were brought back along the road would very definitely not be renewed so just because the others succeeded in entirely ending the Death Ranger. However, all of that is presuming that the Death Ranger’s skills don’t transcend that specific barrier.

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