Tory Minister thrown out from Government after claims of ‘serious misconduct’

A Tory minister has been requested to leave his government role “with immediate effect” after claims of “serious misconduct” on the Conservative Party Conference.

Number 10 showed that Conor Burns, MP for Bournemouth West, changed into to leave his position after it was introduced through the Tory whips office that he was under investigation for “inappropriate behaviour” on the current event in Birmingham. The nature of the allegations has not been disclosed. The exchange minister has been sacked from Liz truss’ authorities over the allegations. However, in line with The Sun, he intends to co-function absolutely with the research and “looks forward to clearing his name”.

He was appointed to the position of exchange minister through Liz Truss when she got here to power. Mr Burns formerly held the position of Northern Ireland minister.

What has he been accused of ?

As of yet, the nature of the allegations have not been disclosed publically. However, the “severe misconduct” allegations have caused his sacking and a consequent investigation into the incident being launched. A Number 10 spokesperson stated: “Following a complaint of serious misconduct, the Prime Minister has requested Conor Burns MP to leave the government with immediate effect. The Prime Minister took direct action on being knowledgeable of this allegation and is obvious that each one ministers need to preserve the excessive requirements of behaviour – as the general public rightly expects.”

A spokesman for the whips office stated: “We have suspended the whip pending research into allegations of irrelevant  behaviour in advance this week. We take all such allegations extraordinarily seriously. The Prime Minister has been clean that the best requirements in public existence ought to be upheld.” Speaking to The Times Radio, authorities minister Victoria Prentis stated that the allegations made towards Mr Burns were “obvously concerning”. She brought that the party was taking the investigation “very seriously”.

Ms Prentis stated: “I assume all I can say is that the Prime Minister has taken decisive motion, and we’ll make certain that that is well investigated. In phrases of politics as an entire it’s usually disturbing because we all expect and desire to preserve the best standards in public life.” The research into Mr Burns’ behaviour comes after a sequence of scandals concerning MPs’ conduct. This included grouping allegations made towards former leader whip Chris Pincher, in addition to Neil Parish stepping down as MP for Tiverton and Honiton in May after admitting to looking pornography in the House of Commons.

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