Toby LaBoeuf voiced a Studio Ghibli character you probably don’t recall once:

Shia LaBeouf is going through a difficult time right now because, according to Variety, the actor is currently engaged in a heated public argument with Olivia Wilde over her allegations that he was too disruptive to work on the set of her film “Don’t Worry Darling.” As a result, he was fired from the project. By emailing Looper and Wilde and saying, “I quit [Don’t Worry Darling] because your actors & I couldn’t find time to rehearse,” LaBeouf claims he truly left the set of the film on his own choice and quit the production owing to scheduling concerns. As a result of disagreements between LaBeouf, Wilde, and the actors, sources at Warner Bros. told Looper that everyone involved decided to separate.

“Considering how much I value his work, I say this. I require a certain ethos from my films, and [LaBeouf’s] method did not fit that “As stated by Wilde in a cover story for Variety on August 24. Wilde stated, “I don’t personally believe that is conducive to the best performances. He has a technique that, in some ways, seems to require a combative intensity.” “I really believe that the best approach to inspire employees to produce their best work is to establish a secure and trustworthy workplace. My duty to protect them ultimately rests with the cast and the production. That was my duty.”

The 2005 English remake of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind included LaBeouf as Asbel.

Even the most ardent Shia LaBeouf admirers seem to have forgotten about it; many people only became aware of it many years after the fact. Fans who weren’t aware of this before seeing his name in the credits for the 2005 English version of the ’80s animation classic “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” are still shocked to learn that LaBeouf voiced the character Asbel, who was originally performed by Yoji Matsuda. After rewatching the Studio Ghibli film, which was first presented in 1984, Twitter user @NoraJeanne7 exclaimed, “Shia LaBeouf VOICES ASBEL?!?!?!” in the year 2020. @FinalFawntasy tweeted, “I completely forgot that Shia Labeouf voiced Asbel lmfao.” However, LaBeouf wasn’t the only well-known Hollywood actor that contributed to the 2005 English dub.

In the 2005 English version of “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind,” in addition to LaBeouf, Mark Hamill, Patrick Stewart, Uma Thurman, Alison Lohman, and Edward James Olmos also appeared (via IMDb). The other time was in 2007’s “Surf’s Up,” where he provided the voice of the penguin Cody Maverick. This marks just one of two occasions when the “Transformers” movie’s spokesperson provided voice work for an animated film. But he has been outspoken about his love of animated movies, telling Collider in June 2007 that he “has always been a great fan” despite how much the genre has changed.

The Part Shia LaBeouf Remorsefully Playing:

Anyone who has worked as an actor for a significant amount of time has encountered that one role or undertaking that makes them wonder, “Why did I sign on for that?” Some people were fortunate enough to land the unfortunate employment at a point in their careers where the harm to their careers was minor.

Others, such as Academy Award winner Halle Berry’s universally derided performance as the lead character in “Catwoman,” suffered damage at the height of their career and had to work extremely hard to recover and return to stardom. In the case of Shia LaBeouf, he accepted the job for which he is now tormented by remorse, both early in his career and at the height of his stardom. Prior to playing the lead in the thriller “Disturbia” in 2006, he started out in supporting roles.



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