To Play Iconic Video Game Character in a Film, Aubrey Plaza Would Love To

In a movie, Aubrey Plaza would like playing a classic video game character. Written by Daniel S. Levine on August 14, 2022 at 9:08 p.m. Now that the part of Lara Croft will be remade whenever a new Tomb Raider film is released, Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza says she would be interested in portraying the character. Plaza, 38, is shown on the primary poster for Emily the Criminal with a grey tank top like to the one Lara Croft is typically shown sporting. Plaza said in a Newsweek interview that it wasn’t until Wright emailed her about the similarities that she even saw it. “Lara Croft wears a pistol holster whereas Emily is wearing a handbag strap; these are two very distinct accessories. Despite the fact that it’s strange and entirely unintentional, I’ll take it “said Plaza.

Despite The Distance Plaza’s Career Has Carried Her:

She hasn’t been the head of a major franchise yet, but she’s on the way to considerably darker films than Pawnee’s life on Parks and Recreation. She could, however, accept the offer to play Tomb Raider if it is made. She told Newsweek, “Look, I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I love it. She told the site, “I adore action movies and I don’t discriminate against large movies or little ones. “I adore movies of all genres. I would like it if that somehow materialised, but who knows, I have no idea. That character is well-known. She is the first badass. In fact, Plaza has made a point of not so quietly reminding reviewers and fans alike that she wasn’t just portraying herself in the NBC comedy throughout the years since it ended. She has portrayed Grumpy Cat in a TV movie, co-starred with Anna Kendrick as a wild girl in “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” nailed her performance as Aaron Burr in an episode of “Drunk History,” and most recently appeared as a nun in the historical comedy “The Little Hours.”

The Right to Produce Tomb Raider Films Was Previously Held by MGM:

Even if Aubrey Plaza hasn’t yet been cast as Lara Croft, the notion is no longer out of the question. The Tomb Raider movie series is now anticipated to be rebooted after MGM lost the rights to the well-known video game franchise, despite expectations that Alicia Vikander would eventually return to the role she first played back in 2018. The actress even stated that a script was “coming in very soon.”

It was revealed last month that MGM had lost the cinematic rights to Tomb Raider as a result of a bidding battle. The company had wanted to film a sequel with Vikander reprising the lead role, but they appear to have taken an excessively long time to get things going, missing the May 2022 deadline to have the project approved. It will be up to another studio to step in and take over now that the rights have expired, and according to sources, the intention is probably to do a complete relaunch with a new cast.

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