The Mutant Massacre of The Eternals is Quietly Connected to Other Dark X-Men Storylines:

Many other prior catastrophes that have befallen the mutants are subtly mentioned in the attack the Eternals launched on the X-Men. Even in comparison to their fellow superheroes, the X-Men have endured a long list of difficulties and dangers. Over the years, many people have died as a result of their duty to defend a world that despises and terrifies them. And that awful past serves as a foundation for the most recent onslaught. The bloodiest strike in A.X.E.: Judgment Day thus far was carried out by Uranos, the grandfather of Thanos, and it targeted the mutant population of Arakko, which is supposed to be their home planet. The attack, however, holds extra thematic significance and subtly alludes to a number of previous X-Men tragedies.

Entering The Mutant World Unexpectedly:

Uranos’ attack on Arakko has so far been one of the most dramatic scenes in A.X.E. : Judgment Day. The dangerous and ancient Eternal was given an hour to launch his attack after abruptly appearing on the mutant planet. The vast majority of the mutants in the area were eradicated during that period. Since organisations like the Sentinels have been working for decades to carry out that philosophy, this is far from the first time a mutant community has been the object of an attempt at extermination. However, what sets Uranos’ attack on Arakko apart from others is how subtly it develops as a metaphorical sequel to many of those earlier attacks against mutantkind. The narratives “Mutant Massacre” and “E is for Extinction” are the ones that immediately come to mind as having a theme in common with Uranos’ onslaught. In “Mutant Massacre,” which spanned twelve issues and was written by a variety of creative teams (particularly Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson, Walter Simonson, John Romita Jr., and Sal Buscema), the Morlock population that was hidden under New York City’s streets was massacred. Similar to how “Mutant Massacre” reduced the Morlock population, Judgment Day might be considered as a way to eradicate Arakko’s surplus mutant population.

These Tales Were All Centred Around Common:

In each of these tales, the mutant populations of their particular eras were subjected to extensive killing and destruction. However, Judgment Day has a second edge that may be seen as a nod to a troubling time in X-Men history. When Uranos has finished his attack, it is discovered that 98% of all life has been wiped off in the area around him. This figure has significant meaning for mutants in the Marvel Universe since it represents the proportion of mutants thought to have lost their X-Genes as a result of the “Decimation” catastrophe that occurred after House of M. The attack on Arakko makes it possible for the survivors to be in a similar situation and more vulnerable to their anti-mutant adversaries.

These numerous oblique allusions to pivotal moments in X-Men history attest to A.X.E. : Judgment Day’s lasting significance. The X-Men and their mutant allies will be put to the ultimate test as they must face newly amplified versions of the threats that have cost them countless innocent lives in the past and whose effects can still be felt in the present. It is not just the culmination of several modern directions for Marvel heroes. The mutants of Arakko will probably go to fight to avenge this most recent terrible tragedy if this fresh attack has similar effects.

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