Ofcom new show ‘Spin to Win competition’ where viewers can win a chance for their household bills to be paid

According to Ofcom, electricity and gas transmission fees are better in the south of England and lower in Scotland. Electricity distribution fees are better in North Scotland, Merseyside and North Wales and the south-west of England. They are lower in London and Eastern England. Gas distribution fees are better in London and the south of England and lower in Scotland and the north-east of England.

Do any regions get help with the price of transporting energy?

The north of Scotland gets help with the excessive price of distributing electricity in the area, via a unique scheme. A rate on all suppliers is passed on to Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution Ltd, so distribution fees in the North of Scotland may be reduced. This scheme protects customers in the North of Scotland from the excessive fees of electricity distribution in that area. The UK government has launched a consultation proposing the arrangement be continued. Ofcom has received 170 complaints after ITV offered to pay contestants’ energy bills on This Morning’s Spin to Win game. Viewers had been left in surprise and branded the show “dystopian” after learning the show supplied the risk to win power invoice bills on its new segment.

New additions to the prize list noticed This Morning covering 4 months’ worth of power bills for the winner amid the value of living crisis. An Ofcom spokesperson stated: “We are assessing the complaints against our broadcasting rules.”


What certainly happened?

Schofield requested one caller if he was concerned about his bills, with the man replying: “Oh, major. I’ve got one of these pre-payment meters and it’s absolutely murder.” Fortunately, the wheel ended up landing on energy bills, with the caller saying: “Oh my god, thank you. Fantastic. What a relief.” One viewer tweeted: “Paying for viewers’ energy bills simply feels wrong. Obviously, it’s a nice incentive, however wow, it simply shows the awful truth we’re all living in.” The clip was shared on social media by journalist Scott Bryan, who wrote: “This Morning has turned absolutely dystopian and Black Mirror by imparting to pay energy bills as a competition prize.” The wheel comes as it’s predicted that folks who pay their power bills by direct debit will face an 80% growth from £1,971 to £3,549, and people with prepayment meters will see their payments rise from £2,017 to £3,608.

For the next show, the game’s the prize cash increased to cover all family bills for the subsequent 4 months. Bryan mentioned that this opposition might also additionally conflict with Ofcom guidelines.

Under guidance notes in phase 2 of the Ofcom Broadcasting code, it says: “We might strongly suggest broadcasters not to provide a economic prize as a probable decision of financial difficulty (e.g. as a means of paying off credit card debt). See additionally Rule 2.1.” Ofcom has stated the section will want to be first assessed via way of means of the Ofcom’s Content Standards Team earlier than a proper research can begin.

It has now launched its trendy complaints report, mentioning that This Morning’s sport acquired one hundred seventy court cases. An Ofcom spokesperson stated: “We are assessing the court cases in opposition to our broadcasting rules, however are but to determine whether or not or now no longer to investigate.”

Is Phillip Schofield getting used for Russian propaganda?

A post by Sky News has requested “Is Russia using Phillip Schofield for propaganda?”.

The post shares how the Kremlin is targeting power deliver to Western nations in retaliation for unparalleled sanctions imposed in the wake of the Ukrainian war.

A BBC journalist who “watches Russian state TV so you don’t have to” shared a screenshot of a Russian TV show playing the clip of This Morning’s Spin to Win segment. It seems that Russia has picked up at the value of living crisis in the UK, with a segment of This Morning’s game appearing on sky tv

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