Chad L. Coleman’s joins Superman & Louis as main villan

The Walking Dead alum Chad L. Coleman’s villain in Superman & Lois Season three has been officially confirmed to be Bruno Mannheim, head of Intergang.

As Per TVLine, Mannheim can be a traditional villain-with-good-PR in the series. According to the official character description, “Bruno Mannheim is understood to most of Metropolis as a local hero, a philanthropist who is revived the struggling neighborhoods of the city.” The season will even see Lois tackle Mannheim in her potential as an investigative reporter as she objectives to reveal the obvious do-gooder as the name of the game head of a criminal organization. “For years, Lois Lane has worked to show that in the back of that facade is a career criminal and the pinnacle of the infamous company Intergang,” the description reads. “With a few new leads, she is probably closer than ever.”

Coleman was confirmed to play the principle antagonist of Season three at a DragonCon panel in early September. Bruno Mannheim and Intergang had been teased to be the villains of Season three in Superman & Lois’ Season 2 finale, while John Diggle (David Ramsay) approached an alternate version of John Henry Irons/Steel for assist investigating Mannheim and Intergang, who had killed the alternative Steel.

Bruno Mannheim’s DC Origin Story

Bruno Mannheim first seemed in DC comics in July 1971’s Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #139, because the son of Intergang founder Moxie Mannheim who later became the leader of Intergang himself. Retcons later established him because the group’s original leader. Intergang is an international crime syndicate and are fans of the Religion of Crime, the cult related to Darkseid and Apokolips. Via Darkseid, they’re furnished with advanced alien weapons and different technology, which they use to combat powerful superheroes inclusive of Superman.

Mannheim and Intergang have appeared numerous times in DC lively media, along with Superman: The Animated Series, wherein Mannheim became voiced through Bruce Weitz; Young Justice, voiced through Kevin Michael Richardson; and The Death of Superman, voiced through Trevor Devall. Mannheim has appeared as soon as earlier than in stay action — the Smallville episode “Stiletto,” performed through Dominic Zamprogna. Intergang has appeared in the Arrowverse earlier than, in the Supergirl episode “Dream Weaver,” wherein they pressured inmates at a prison to devote crimes in a faux paintings launch software earlier than Supergirl and Martian Manhunter uncovered the scheme.

Coleman most lately performed the habitual position of Klyden, a Mochlan and the husband of main character Bortus, on Seth McFarlane’s sci-fi comedy The Orville for all 3 seasons.

Superman & Lois Season three will air in 2023, with exact dates yet to be announced.

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