Strangest Deleted Scene from X-Men Origins Still Influences the Film:

Although Storm’s part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was cut, her influence on the divisive movie was still felt. Fox’s X-Men films had some extraordinarily high highs, but the lows could be utterly appalling. The highs of Fox’s X-Men films were sometimes exceedingly high, but the lows could sometimes be utterly appalling. Sadly, the much anticipated X-Men Origins: Wolverine botched the origin narrative of Hugh Jackman’s legendary Logan and made it into a muddled jumble. The worst aspect of the film was the way it handled continuity, which made understanding the franchise’s history a headache. A young Storm appeared in a badly executed historical scenario. The sequence was quite offensive in nature and served as an illustration of how the movie attempted to demonstrate where each X-Men member was at that same moment. Even if it wasn’t included in the theatrical version, it didn’t make matters any better. Here’s how one of X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s worst elements was made weirder.

Deleted From The Sequence:

Logan had been a member of a gang that had been on the scene together with William Stryker and Victor Creed. Adamantium, the metal that would ultimately be fused to Logan’s skeleton, was precisely what the three was looking for while they were wandering about in Africa. Logan leaves the gang after seeing the others’ savagery because he doesn’t want to participate in any more bloodshed. Naturally, this leads to a schism between him, Stryker, and Victor, but the sequence wouldn’t have been “perfect” without a direct hint to what’s to come. A little African girl with white hair makes an appearance during the quarrel in a deleted scene. It is a young version of Storm, a future X-Men member whose real name is Ororo Munroe. If it wasn’t obvious enough, the child is present as lightning strikes and the wind howls. This may be cool on its own, but anticipating a future confrontation between Victor and Logan makes it corny. The film has the impression that it must emphasise a strong message while escalating the drama. Although it virtually pulls the viewer out of the picture, it does improve Storm’s performance.

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Storm’s Effect is still felt:

Even though Storm isn’t in the finished movie, the slightly corny effect of her making lightning strike is still present. Storm is never shown in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine theatrical release, and the lightning strike and thunder are presented as pure natural phenomena. However, Storm was in a sense also retained because this aspect was preserved. Additionally, it indicates that little Storm witnessed the start of a fierce competition in the X-Men film world. However, as impressive as this may sound, it just draws attention to the movie’s fundamental flaws. Up to that moment, the X-Men films had taken liberties with the comic book characters and their backstories. This was taken to the nth degree in X-Men Origins, which included a variety of hand gestures to demonstrate how it could possible fit inside the continuity of the first three films.

Additionally, it had a penchant for cramming in ideas that would either contradict or pay off in later movies. For instance, Scott Summers, the future Cyclops, and Emma Frost are among the teenage mutants recruited by Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier in the film. There are several continuity issues since this Emma Frost is not the same as the Emma Frost subsequently featured in the prequel film X-Men: First Class. There were just too many appearances in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that attempted to impose connections in what should have been a smaller, more intimate film, even without the continuity issues. The most heinous of them all was Storm, since the squad just so happened to be in the appropriate African nation when a young Ororo appeared. Thankfully, this absurd sequence was cut, but Storm’s storytelling effect was retained.

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