Sewage discharge: UK beaches where sewage is in the sea and water is hazardous

It is presently dangerous to swim at some of beaches throughout the country because of sewage spills, a map from a campaign group reveals. Surfers Against Sewage have put together a sewage discharge map which indicates the quality of water in your area – and if it is pollution. A wide variety of beaches throughout the United Kingdom are presently dangerous to swim at because of sewage. It comes as Labor has accused the Government of allowing water groups to “reduce corners”.

How did my MP vote on sewage?

MPs voted lately on the discharge of raw sewage into rivers and seas in October 2021. A concept from the Lords to the Environment Bill that might have placed legal responsibilities at the groups to lessen discharges became defeated by 265 MPs’ votes to 2022.

Where is it dangerous to swim in the UK?

Surfers Against Sewage’s map shows the regions with poor water quality because of sewage spills.

A jetty below which raw sewage have been reportedly been discharged after heavy rain on August 17, 2022 in Seaford, England. The Environment Agency has issued pollution alerts throughout the United Kingdom after current heavy rainfall and flooding have affected water fine. Sewers overflow into the sea and rivers when treatment plants are crushed by torrential rain in any other case it’d spill into streets or again up into toilets. Environmental campaign group Surfers Against Sewage pronounced that raw sewage have been released into the waters at beaches in Sussex, Cornwall, Devon, Essex, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland and Cumbria.

The regions which might be presently dangerous

Cumbria St Bees – Pollution Alert: Storm sewage has been discharged from a sewer overflow in this area in the beyond 48 hours.

Dorset Charmouth West Stream – Pollution Alert: Storm sewage has been discharged from a sewer overflow in this location within the past 48 hours.


Dunster North West – Pollution Risk Warning: Bathing now no longer advised these days because of the chance of reduced water quality.

Tyne and Wear Tynemouth Cullercoats – Bathing not advised because of Poor annual classification. Tynemouth Cullercoats is a resort beach enclosed by piers at every end making a totally sheltered bay.

Who are Surfers Against Sewage?

SAS says: “We’re a community devoted to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. We combat lengthy and tough to defend what we like and we won’t forestall till it’s absolutely clean, secure and guarded for everyone, forever.

“From humble beginnings in Porthtowan Village Hall in 1990, we’ve stayed near our roots and continue to be based simply up the street at our St Agnes HQ in which we are able to preserve an eye on the sea.

“Just 20 people work in the office full time, however it’s definitely way to human beings like you who guide our paintings through membership donations, volunteering, signing petitions, buying from our store and spreading the word that allows our impact to be widely felt.”

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