Ryan Giggs trail to be held next year in June after Jury dismissed

Ryan Giggs is dealing with a possible retrial in June next year after a jury did not reach verdicts on charges of attack and controlling behaviour. The jury in the trial of Ryan Giggs has been discharged after failing to reach verdicts at the charges he faced.

Giggs, 48, was on trial at Manchester Crown Court in which he denied the usage of controlling and coercive conduct against his ex Kate Greville, 38, between August 2017 and November 2020. The ex-Wales manager was also accused of assaulting Ms Greville, inflicting real bodily harm, and the common assault of Emma Greville on 1 November 2020.He denied the charges. The trial was in its fourth week, with the jury resuming its deliberations for the fourth full day on Wednesday morning.

Why has the jury been discharged?

The jury were out thinking about its deliberations for 22 hours and 59 mins earlier than they have been brought back into court at 3.04pm. Judge Hilary Manley requested if the jury on Wednesday afternoon if it had reached a verdict on any counts on which a majority of 10 to 1 .

The jury had retired on Tuesday (23 August) to begin its deliberations. It was sent home on Thursday because of one of its members was ill. Deliberations resumed on Friday with the jury continuing with 11 members in place of 12. The juror who was ill was discharged as they have been still not well enough to attend. At the end of Friday deliberations were set to resume on Tuesday.

Judge Hilary Manley on Tuesday gave the jury a majority direction, which means they did not have to return unanimous verdicts agreed through all 11, but ought to return verdicts if a majority of 10-1 agreed.

What does it mean?

Lawyers will now have to consider the general public interest of a retrial however any in addition trial could best take place many months from now. Giggs head dropped down while the judge instructed the court any future trial ought to potentially be as far away as June of next year however confused any date has yet to be set. Judge Manley instructed Giggs he could be bailed until Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) attorneys meet and make a choice on any future trial and a trial date is made.

Shortly after being sent out to planned 8 days ago, the jury requested judge Manley whether they could attribute recklessness to the charge of real bodily harm against Giggs. Manley instructed jurors that they couldn’t and they needed to make certain the act was intentional so that it will discover him guilty.

Giggs started his evidence in court by telling jurors that he had not been devoted in any of his relationships with women, which include his ex-spouse Stacey Giggs. But he stated he had never been violent or controlling towards them. In her summing up of the case, the judge instructed jurors that Giggs was “not on trial for being serially unfaithful – this isn’t a court of morals”.

She instructed the jury they need to determine whether or not the connection among Giggs and Greville “veered off the rails” due to the fact she couldn’t be given his “serial womanising” – and then, because the defense suggested, “exacted her revenge and twisted their ordinary arguments to a portrait of control, violence and of misery.” Or was it, because the prosecution suggested, a “dark” relationship in which Giggs “exploited” his energy over a “vulnerable” Greville and “lost his self-control and physically attacked” his ex-girlfriend, the judge added.

A hearing will take place on the same court next week.

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