Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss on NHS and health care

The Tory leadership contest is drawing to a close, with the next Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party to be decided on 5 September.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have laid down proposed plans on some of problems during their bids to be the next PM, which include a way to tackle the price of living crisis and the levelling up agenda.

What have Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss stated about the NHS?

Although lots has been stated from each sides about how the cost of living crisis could be treated and plans for levelling up, not all that plenty has been stated about a way to address problems with NHS and social care, which include growing treatment waiting times and ambulance delays. However, Rishi Sunak currently stirred a debate when he proposed that those who pass over GP appointments need to be charged a charge of £10 in the purpose to “crack down on those abusing the NHS”.

Many in the healthcare system strongly opposed Sunak’s GP charging concept as most of those who miss appointments are some of the poorest, and from minority ethnic backgrounds and several have complex needs.

The British Medical Association stated locating patients could be counterproductive due to the fact it’d deter them from re-booking, and at a time when the cost of living crisis means some people this winter will face a desire among heating and eating, £10 fines should have a massive impact. The Royal College of GPs talked about that the plan “could basically change the precept that the NHS is loose on the factor of use” and could additionally add “every other layer of forms to a GP service already drowning in red tape”.

Although Truss’s team has criticized Sunak’s GP fines plan, in 2009 she co-authored a think tank document that known as for the advent of NHS prices for everyone, not only for people who overlooked bookings. The ‘Back to Black’ document stated that prices “could cause a reduction in demand, which could, in turn save the NHS the prices of providing unnecessary service”.

During the leadership contest, Liz Truss has also pledged to divert billions of kilos for social care from the NHS to councils. She stated the £13billion a yr earmarked for the NHS from the current National Insurance rise would instead be diverted to local authorities to pay for older people’s care as quickly as possible.

“I would spend that money in social care. Quite a lot has gone to the NHS. I could deliver it to local authorities. We have people in beds in the NHS who could be better off in social care. So put that money into social care,” Truss stated.

“We put the extra £13bn in and what people who work in the NHS inform me is the hassle is the number of layers in the organisation they must undergo to get things done, the lack of local decision-making. That’s what people are telling me is the problem, in place of a loss of funding.”

However, professionals have stated this will be “robbing Peter to pay Paul” if she diverted £13bn of investment for the NHS to cope with a Covid backlog in social care.

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