Predator VS Bear Scene Was Very Different on Set, According to Prey BTS Images

The scary Predator vs. bear combat scene in Prey was really a lot of fun to shoot on site, as evidenced by behind-the-scenes photos by Dane DiLiegro. The terrifying Predator vs. bear combat scene in Prey was really a lot of fun to shoot on set, as evidenced by behind-the-scenes pictures. Prey is the fifth Predator picture overall, excluding the controversial Alien vs. Predator movies, and is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who is well known for the 10 Cloverfield Lane film. The most recent episode is on Naru (Amber Midthunder), a Comanche hunter who battles an alien Predator that has come to Earth. Prey has received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike, with many complimenting the film’s gripping action and accurate portrayal of Comanche culture.

To establish her worth, NARU:

Prey makes it clear from the beginning that Naru wants to become a hunter like her brother and the other male tribe members since she is not happy with the life of a healer. Naru must successfully accomplish a challenging hunt in order to prove herself, and as a result, she quickly finds herself in the presence of an irate grizzly bear. When the Predator appears and engages the bear in a titanic battle, Naru is just seconds from from being murdered. The sequence closes with the Predator murdering the bear and lifting the animal over his head as blood pours down, giving viewers their first full view of the new Feral Predator design, as was briefly revealed in the Prey teaser. A behind-the-scenes look at how the deadly river brawl was recorded is available in new photos shared by Predator actor Dane DiLiegro on Twitter. Despite being one of the movie’s most dramatic scenes, it’s obvious that DiLiegro enjoyed filming it. Photos of the actor in a motion capture suit having fun with another actor dressed as a hairy bear reveal that he had a fantastic time on set. The pictures also show how the scene was shot, with a beaver dam built within a water tank and blue screens all around it. Observe DiLiegro’s post below:

Despite Having some Excellent Practical Effects, Prey:

It’s obvious that a lot of CGI was used to create this particular scenario, which featured a workable Predator outfit for DiLiegro. Interestingly, the photographs also reveal that a real bear costume was used throughout the production of the scene, despite the bear appearing to be entirely CGI in the final product. It’s possible that the costume was only ever meant to be used as reference material by the VFX artists during post-production and that it was never meant to feature in the original movie.

Prey is a gory horror film with a generally sombre tone that has lots of blood and guts. Despite this, it is obvious that there were some humorous parts during the filming. Fans have embraced DiLiegro’s interpretation of the iconic extraterrestrial Predator beast, and many have praised the useful Predator outfits he wore. It is also clear that the actor enjoyed working on the movie. It is undoubtedly intriguing to learn how Prey’s Predator vs. bear combat was captured on camera, and it makes one wonder what other scenes in the film were captured in an unusual way.

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