M20 motorway closure: junctions close, reason for closure, traffic, diversion

Drivers are being warned that the M20 is presently closed because of a fire. The motorway is close westbound this afternoon (27 August). Delays are building because of the verge fire and drivers are warned to “allow extra time” for journeys. The M20 is likewise the location of Operation Brock, which is a bid to control HGVs and other freight heading for the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel.The measures can see the motorway closed to non-freight traffic when the demand is high.

Is the M20 open?

The motorway is presently closed westbound among junction 9, for Ashford, and junction 8, for Maidstone.

Why have closures been installed place?

The motorway is close because of a “verge fire”. Drivers are going through 2 miles of congestion, in line with National Highways. The motorway is also often closed as preventative measure that’s a part of Operation Brock – aiming to tackle delays across the Port of Dover. The contraflow system is designed to maintain traffic at the M20 and different roads in Kent shifting when there’s disruption to journey throughout the English Channel.

Are there any delays at the M20?

National Highways is reporting that there are  miles of congestion because of the closure this afternoon.

What has been stated about the closure?

National Highways – South East tweeted: “Traffic is presently stopped at the #M20 westbound among J9 (#Ashford) and J8 (#Maidstone) because of a verge fire. “Emergency services are at scene. There are approx. 2 miles of congestion on approach so please permit greater adventure time.

What is the diversion course?

A diversion has not yet been introduced through National Highways. When the motorway is closed for Operation Brock there’s a diversion course in place. The diversion for all light vehicles together with cars (which includes visitor traffic certain for Eurotunnel and Port of Dover) and HGVs under 15’6 for nearby locations remaining weekend was:

Exit the M20 at J8 and take the third exit on the roundabout and at the next roundabout take the first exit directly to the A20

Remain on the A20 to Ashford and on the Drovers Roundabout and take the fourth go out directly to the A28

Follow the A28 to the second roundabout with the B2229 on the roundabout take the first exit B2229 (Brookfield Road) and keep to the second one roundabout with the A2042

Take the third go out directly to the A2042 and head east

Remain at the A2042 and at the primary roundabout and take the primary go out directly to the A2042

Follow the A2042 onto the A2070 and at the primary roundabout and take the second one go out to stay at the A2070 to the M20 J10A roundabout Take the third go out directly to the A20 and stay at the A20 to rejoin the M20 at J1

Non freight traffic for the Eurotunnel can get entry to at J11A from the A2

Due to heavy congestion at the diversion course at the A20 across the access to Eurotunnel, visitor traffic certain for Port of dover is recommended to follow the below strategic diversion course:

Leave the M20 at J7 and and take the first go out onto the A249 northbound.

Follow the A249 northbound to the M2 J5 and be a part of the M2 eastbound at J5.

Continue at the M2 eastbound to J7 Brenley Corner roundabout and take the 4th go out onto the A2 eastbound.

Follow the A2 eastbound to the Port of Dover

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