Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke are engaged, according to “Summer House”

For Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, this summer is shaping up to be enjoyable. After seven years of friendship and ten months of dating, the Summer House couple got engaged on Saturday, PEOPLE reports. A romantic proposal took place at Southhampton’s Dune Beach. As her future husband-to-be conceded, it was “quite the whirlwind” attempting to keep his plans a secret, Hubbard said to the source that she was “still in disbelief” over Radke popping the question.

Hubbard recalls thinking, “Umm, I’m starting to think we’re not having a campfire,” after Radke informed him that they would come early to prepare fuel for a group blaze. However, when they were met with an intimate picnic setup instead, Hubbard realised that this was not the case. It was time to propose after a romantic stroll along the boardwalk, which Radke had adorned with posters bearing personalised messages for the couple.

The beginning of their romantic relationship:

We haven’t had time for alone time this summer, so I wanted to do something special, he recalled as we arrived at the destination. “She was carrying a beach bag, which I snuck into with the ring inside. She then turned around, and I thought, “This is my opportunity,” so I grabbed the ring, got down on one knee, and told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, how pleased I was, and that our love story was only getting started as I stood there on one knee.”

I replied, “A thousand times yes!” when he asked me to marry him. Hubbard remembered. “He then said, “Hold on until I fetch the ring,” to which I replied, “I don’t care! What should our wedding date be? Now? I’m all set.” Along with Hubbard’s father and stepmother, as well as their Summer House co-stars Kyle Cooke, Danielle Olivera, Paige DeSorbo, and Mya Allen, the two enjoyed a celebration afterwards.

Since the 2017 premiere of Summer House:

Hubbard and Radke have been friends since Summer House began filming in 2017. In October, the two made the decision to move forward in their relationship, and in January, they made their relationship known to the world. The two entered a joint apartment in New York City in June. The timing was perfect, and we’re fortunate that the cosmos cooperated. Added Hubbard. “I don’t believe I’ve ever been in a relationship that was healthier. There isn’t a finer sensation in the world, in my opinion, than falling in love with your closest friend.”

Hubbard’s well-known timelines, which were featured on the Bravo series, have been discontinued when it comes to wedding preparation. I am very much of the opinion that I will follow the direction that the universe chooses to take our chronology in, she added. “I abandoned my own timelines; they don’t exist. It makes no difference if a baby is born first, a marriage, or either. This person is my life companion, and we have the same goals.”

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