Elderly Couple opened Queen’s last letter to them in their 60th wedding anniversary , Day Queen died

An elderly couple were among the last to ever get hold of a signed correspondence from the Queen after opening a card from her at the day she died. Tricia Pont, 81, and her husband Ray, 84, opened a card for their 60th wedding ceremony anniversary on Thursday (8 September), the day after it landed thru their letterbox.

Queen’s Last letter

The hand-signed card was sent in honour of their diamond anniversary, with the monarch offering her congratulations. It features a picture of the Queen smiling which was taken at the Buckingham Palace balcony at her Diamond Jubilee.

The card read: “I am so pleased to know you’re celebrating your Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 8th, September 2022. “I send my congratulations and best wishes to you on such a special occasion.” ‘We were delighted’

The couple stated they first heard of the Queen’s illness while enjoying a celebratory lunch and later returned home to learn of her death.

Ray, a retired surveyor, explained: “It was our wedding anniversary having spent 60 years together and someone in the family determined they would like us to get a card from the Queen. “It arrived on the day before our anniversary and we kept it to open on the morning of our anniversary. “We were delighted to have received it and it had a nice picture on the front. “I was so excited to open the card. I thought it would be such a lovely moment for our family.

“We then went out to have lunch together and while we were there my phone pinged, we have been instructed we must look online as something was wrong with the Queen. Obviously that brought darkness on our lunch.

“We came home and turned the TV on and it was obvious that she was very unwell, and it ended with her dying. “It makes the card even extra precious and poignant as we were one of the last people to get correspondence from her. “The couple, from Godalming, Surrey, stated they were tearful when they returned home and opened the card and have been later devastated to learn of her passing. He added: “We are big supporters of her, she is a high-quality role model for the entire state and she was admired for her stoicism. She was really committed.

“It really put a downer at the day however then we thought about how privileged we were to be one of the last few people to get a card from her. “We watched my granddaughter’s graduation in the afternoon and she graduated just after 6pm. We were so glad about that but were so sad about The Queen.”

Mrs Pont, who used to work for Citizens Advice, noticed the Queen as a child in 1947 while she was taken to London the night of her wedding ceremony to Prince Phillip, and she later noticed the monarch at a garden party for the Girl Guides Association in the late 1990s.

She stated: “I remember her on her wedding ceremony day and on the coronation. We stood at the railings at Buckingham Palace once they got here out at the balcony. It was wonderful. “I have had lots of opportunities to see her. The garden party was a adorable day too.

“The Queen was simply charming. I didn’t manage to talk to her but she was lovely and sparkly. I feel very privileged to have had contact with Her Majesty.”

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