Jonah Hill Talks About Panic Attacks, Changing His Career to Better His Mental Health

In order to better his mental health, Jonah Hill discusses anxiety attacks and changes his career significantly. In an open letter to Hollywood and his fans, Jonah Hill on Wednesday revealed his upcoming movie, Stutz. The actor also intends to discontinue personally promoting his movies, including the forthcoming Netflix comedy You People. Hill, 38, claimed that making his newest movie made him realise that he’s had anxiety episodes all throughout his career and that he no longer needs to appear in the media to “defend myself.”

Taking inspiration from his therapist, Stutz is the name of a new documentary Hill secretly shot. His chats regarding mental health with his therapist are the subject of the movie, which will be exhibited at fall film festivals. In an open letter that was originally made public by Deadline, Hill stated that the goal of the film was “to share therapy and the tools I’ve gained in therapy to a wide audience for private use through an enjoyable film.”

It was a “journey of self-discovery” to make the movie:

He learned about his anxiety attacks over the course of filming the movie, which served as a “tour of self-discovery” for him. He discovered that public appearances and other public events “exacerbated” his anxiety attacks. Therefore, Hill won’t be there when Stutz is screened at festivals. Ideally, the movie will be able to speak for itself. Hill wrote, “I wouldn’t be behaving true to myself or the movie if I went out and made myself sicker by advertising it. “Usually, emails or remarks like this make me cringe, but I realise that I am one of the fortunate few who can afford to take time off. Even while I battle my anxiety, I won’t lose my job. I want to normalise people’s conversations and actions on this by using this letter and Stutz. in order for them to take action to feel better and for the others in their lives to be able to more clearly comprehend their problems. I appreciate the support and understanding of all of you who are reading this and my colleagues, business partners, and I hope that the work will speak for itself.

Don’t Look Up:

In December of last year, Hill took part in a press tour for his A-list comedy Don’t Look Up, which included a visit to The Tonight Show. Hill said he’s “among the fortunate few who can afford to take time off,” but he hopes to “make it more normal for individuals to communicate and act on this stuff,” and he urged his followers to “take actions toward feeling better and so that the people in their lives might understand their concerns more clearly.”

Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, recently said he’s taking a break from social media because it’s “extremely damaging to my mental state,” making Hill the most recent celebrity to talk openly about prioritising mental health. Shawn Mendes announced to supporters that he must “put my health as my top priority” in July and that he would also be postponing the remainder of his world tour.

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