Johnson & Johnson will not sell Talcum Powder worldwide from 2023, Why did company decided to discontinue its talc based baby powder?

Millions of women around the world must have applied Johnson & Johnson; Johnson’s baby powder to their children at one time or another. There was a time when the products of this UK giant were considered quite safe for small children. The products of this company have become quite popular in India as well. But in the next year, now you will find this company’s talc based baby powder (J) in the market.

38,000 cases against the company

The company has stopped selling talc based baby powder in the US and Canada in the year 2020 That there are more than 38,000 cases going on against the company. Many women claimed that they got ovarian cancer after using baby powder. American regulators also claimed that they found cancer-causing ingredients in the company’s baby powder. However, the company had denied these allegations. The company said that it had seen a decline in sales in North America.

what is their in the talc that is causing cancer?

The talc used in the company’s baby powder is the softest mineral in the world. It is made in many countries. It is widely used in many industries including paper, plastics and pharmaceuticals. This powder is used in nappy rash and other types of personal hygiene. Sometimes it contains asbestos, which can cause cancer in the body.

The company said the product is completely safe

Johnson & Johnson has consistently denied allegations that its product is not safe. The company says decades of scientific testing and regulatory approvals have shown its talc to be safe and asbestos free. The company reiterated this even while announcing the closure of sales of this product on Thursday.

J&J talc powder discontinued in the US, Canada after customers declare contamination

In 2020, the Drugmaker suspended the sale of the talcum-primarily based totally baby powder in the US and Canada, following lots of court cases claiming that the formulation changed into infected with asbestos, known for inflicting cancer. J&J mentioned a fall in call for as a reason for their discontinuation of sales. Nevertheless, the corporation management then refused to halt sales in the UK and the rest of the world. The company has again and again denied allegations referring to the presence of asbestos in its baby powder variety product which has been in the marketplace for almost 130 years now, as per BBC, and is satisfactory known for stopping nappy rash and use as dry shampoo.

In a statement, Johnson & Johnson stated that it’s going to update the previous method with a cornstarch-primarily based totally one, including that such versions from the Drugmaker are already sold in countries around the world.
“As part of a worldwide portfolio assessment, we have made the commercial decision to transition to an all cornstarch-based baby powder portfolio. As a result of this transition, talc-based JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder will be discontinued globally in 2023,” Johnson & Johnson said in its statement.

Promoting its cornstarch-based baby powder, J&J refuted the claims made in the complaints against the company. It stated that the administration’s stance at the protection of the talcum-primarily based totally powder will stay unchanged. “We stand firmly behind the decades of independent scientific claims.

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