Jamie Lee Curtis’ iconic final girl is honoured in Halloween Ends’ first poster:

A massive last fight with Michael Myers is wonderfully hinted at in the first poster for the third and final instalment of the Halloween sequel trilogy. Finally, the first poster for Halloween Ends, the most recent entry in the Halloween series, has been released. Fans were urged to “Prepare for the last showdown” by the movie’s official Twitter account, which also released the poster. In the picture, Michael Meyers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) are positioned side by side in a valiant last girl pose.

The third and concluding instalment of the Halloween sequel trilogy, Halloween Ends, is scheduled to debut simultaneously on Peacock and in theatres on October 14, 2022. The official summary for the movie claims that Laurie will only have this one chance to finally defeat Michael. A young guy named Corey Cunningham is accused of killing a youngster while he is babysitting, which “ignites a cascade of violence and dread that will drive Laurie to finally confront the evil she can’t contain, once and for all,” the article teases. This occurs years after Laurie last saw Michael.

Bloody Final Battle Between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode:

The last showdown will be chaotic based on how well Halloween Ends did at the box office. The movie was given an R-rating before it was released because of the “bloody horror violence and gore, language throughout, and some sexual overtones.” The putative Laurie Strode ending, according to Curtis, will be gratifying. After the shooting was finished, she remarked that the experience “was very emotional and cathartic.” She continued, “Prior to working on my final film, I had no idea how significant it was to refer to [Laurie] as a final girl. And I finally get it now.” John Carpenter, the filmmaker of the first Halloween movie, is dubious while Curtis seems to believe this will be the last Halloween movie. “You know what I’ll do for sure if Halloween Ends produces a lot of money?” He questioned, suggesting that this might not actually be the conclusion.

Trilogy of the Halloween Follow-Up:

In actuality, the box office success of both movies in the Halloween sequel trilogy is impressive. The budget for Halloween in 2018 was $10 million, and it brought in $255 million in revenue. The budget for Halloween Kills in 2021 was $20 million, and it brought in $131. But Carpenter claimed that as long as the Halloween sequels continue to bring in money, he will be content. The Halloween prequels don’t interest me, he admitted.

With the exception of the money I receive for the other ones, I solely care about the first movie I directed. Then he said, “I hate to be that kind of guy, but it’s the truth.” Indeed, according to Jason Blum, producer of Halloween Kills, who spoke with Insider in 2020, “audiences want to have those facts laid out for them,” citing, among other things, the trailer for Blumhouse’s adaptation of The Invisible Man as proof. Despite the extensive narrative elements that were provided in the promotional materials, the movie was a huge critical and financial success.



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