It’s Heartbreaking When DCceasedd Flips Batman and Alfred’s Fates:

His master spared him from being slain by a Nightwing and Robin who had contracted the Anti-Life Equation. He narrowly escaped infection. They were made to kill both of them. Batman was infected with the techno-organic virus during the altercation that resulted from his heroic act, and he was afterwards abandoned for mercy killing by Alfred, much to the latter’s distress at losing the very person he has always regarded as a son. Then, before boarding the Batarang and launching a suicide bombing on Gotham City, he put Batman’s corpse alongside to those of Robin and Nightwing in a mock burial. The first issue of DCceasedd: War of the Undead Gods, written by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Andy Lanning, Rain Beredo, and Said Temofonte, began unexpectedly optimistically. The majority of the heroes and those affected by the Anti-Life virus have been healed, but Alfred Pennyworth, a survivor of the initial pandemic, is devastated by the news of a cure. While he is pleased that so many have returned, he is only filled with remorse since three of his sons are lost forever.

In The Early Days of The Epidemic:

In an act of devastating determination, Alfred shot Batman, Nightwing, and Tim Drake to death in order to save himself and the rest of the world from the infection. It must have been devastating to learn that there was a remedy after the event. Additionally, it causes a reversal of Alfred’s fate from the normal reality, in which the Bat-Family that is still alive is the one who mourns Alfred, but his circumstance is far worse. When Alfred declares, “I killed my boys,” the impact on everyone is catastrophic. He reared the whole Bat-Family, treating each and every one of them as though they were his own children. Even though it hurt him to do it, the only reason he would have shot them as he did was because he thought there was no other option. Along with raising Damian, his conviction that it had to happen is what most likely saw him through the years.

It Must Be Incredibly Terrible For Him To Discover Differently:

All he can do now is point the finger at himself, even if it is unjustified, after learning that there was another route all along and that he had given up too soon. However, his circumstance leads to a reversal of what occurred to him on Earth-0. The remainder of the Bat-Family was left to grieve over Alfred’s terrible death when he was killed there. However, because he was the one who caused their deaths, Alfred’s situation is far worse. In the main DC Universe, Bane, not a member of his family, was the one who killed him. Alfred is now forced to struggle with the shame of his choice. Alfred would want them to go on, live their lives, and have pleasure in the future, so the Bat-Family could comfort themselves in that knowledge. Alfred is aware of the fact that he has lived his life, but he also put an end to three other lives that could have been so much more.

Even though it was painful, it wasn’t in vain. His deeds helped others live, and by helping Damian, he gave the new Justice League the opportunity to travel in search of the cure and save many others. Any good Alfred may believe he snuffed out has been multiplied tenfold in the young man he raised, and because of Damian, Alfred still has a family. Unfortunately, Alfred probably won’t be able to understand this for a while.

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