Image from the One and Only Screening of Cancelled Film from SCOOB 2:

Iain Armitage posts a picture from the Scoob: Holiday Haunt viewing event where he was slated to play a young Shaggy in the scrapped film. The actor who played the lead in the unexpectedly cancelled Scoob! Holiday Haunt uploaded a picture of the movie’s sole showing. Armitage posted a picture of himself attending the screening, with his character and Scooby up on the big screen in a festive environment. Armitage was scheduled to reprise his role as young Shaggy Rogers from Scoob! (2020). “I’m so glad I got to watch this and I hope you do too!”

The hashtag”#SaveScoobHolidayHaunt” was used in a tweet by Armitage. Armitage has been pushing Warner Bros. to distribute the film in some way, much like a large portion of the cast and crew of the production, which was abruptly cancelled in early August despite being virtually done. “The final and most important component of a play is the audience. That, in my opinion, holds true for movies as well “In a subsequent tweet, Armitage clarified. “The purpose of this film was to be watched, not to be stored on a shelf. We’re wishing for a Christmas miracle!”

Bill Haller and Michael Kurinsky worked together as co-directors:

The sequel would have centred on the younger iterations of Mystery Inc. that were initially introduced in Scoob!, which included Armitage, Ariana Greenblatt as Velma (Avengers: Infinity War), Pierce Gagnon as Fred (Twin Peaks), and Mckenna Grace as Daphne (Armitage’s Young Sheldon co-star). Frank Welker, Mark Hamill, Ming-Na Wen, Andre Braugher, and Michael McKean, among others, would have provided Scooby-voice, Doo’s which he has done since 2002.

Bill Haller and Michael Kurinsky co-directed the picture, and Tony Cervone and famed Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini co-wrote it. Dini had some strong opinions on the movie’s ending. Why scrap a holiday film that is 95 percent complete so close to fall when you know that kids will watch it from the day after Halloween until at least New Years? After the Warner Bros. announcement, Dini tweeted. As a commercial choice, he continued, it was absurd, especially in light of the film’s positive test screenings.

Not Received Very Favourably at The Box Office:

Scoob, meanwhile, has received little attention. Because to the cancellation of Batman Girl, which was also almost finished, viewers have voiced their displeasure and started a campaign to get the studio to release it. It’s intriguing to discover from Dini that Scoob! 2 wasn’t only nearly complete; test screenings revealed that it had performed well. Despite the fact that the first movie bombed at the box office and received poor reviews, screenings were doing well, and the VOD version of the movie did well, so it’s surprising that the studio decided against making the animated sequel.

However, given that League of Super-Pets, another animated movie from the same studio, is currently having a poor box office performance, it’s possible that some viewers can understand why the movie was cut. They can watch the 2020 Scooby-Doo film reboot, which is currently streaming on HBO Max, until word of the upcoming Scooby-Doo reboot movie breaks.

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