The Flash sends an army to fight against aliens in ‘One minute war’

The Flash has his work cut out for him subsequent 12 months as he goes up towards an entire army in the span of a minute — all while his book begins publishing on a twice-monthly schedule.

“One Minute War,” the subsequent tale arc to embroil DC’s Scarlet Speedster. Beginning in January’s The Flash #790, which additionally kicks off the collection’ twice-monthly schedule, “One Minute War” sees the Flash dealing with an armada of aliens who also are related with the Speed Force. As speedsters collide, one of the most extreme battles the Earth has ever acknowledged wages inside a trifling minute.

As any super-speedster worth their salt will tell you, time can flow quite gradual for the notably rapid. So what takes place when an entire armada of conquering speedster aliens suggests up on Earth’s doorstep? The most extreme battle the Earth has ever waged in the span of 60 seconds begins!

Everything about the book




Variant covers by DANIEL BAYLISS and TBD

1:25 variant cover by Ibrahim Moustafa

1:50 foil variant cover by Taurin Clarke

$3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.ninety nine US (card stock)

ON SALE 1/3/23

Writer Jeremy Adams said in a exclusive interview to speak about the “One Minute Army” story arc, emphasizing that the metaplot would lean into the idea of how regular time seems slow for superpowered beings capable of moving faster than light. “For speedsters, time generally moves differently. As we have seen in countless movies, when a speedster moves, everything around them slows down,” Adams said. “Now, you add these Conquerors – the Fraction. An alien empire that makes use of the Speed Force like we use solar, or nuclear. They flow as rapid as our speedsters, so our guys’ benefit is type of nullified. And due to the fact they are moving so rapid, the concept that this battle happens in one minute of current continuity just kind of struck me as cool.”

Barry Allen’s Other Recent Alien Battle

While this is probably the primary example the Flash has fought an navy inside a minute, Barry Allen has located himself up towards different alien forces threatening the Speed Force. Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong, a three-problem restrained collection that wrapped up in August, noticed Barry operating along Aquaman to combat a fleet of extraterrestrial beings who possessed an eldritch music that allow them freeze humanity in place.

Barry found out that the extraterrestrial beings consumed kinetic electricity emanating from the Speed Force in Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong #2 and had silenced a couple of planets through rendering them absolutely inert. Much to his dismay, Barry additionally observed that Aquaman and the opposite citizens of Atlantis have been trying their very own experiments with the Speed Force, hoping to apply it as gasoline for a area application dubbed Typhoon. While Barry changed into irritated to research that his pal were operating in the back of his back, the 2 heroes in the long run positioned apart their variations to shop the world.

The Flash #790 is written through Adams and illustrated through Roger Cruz, with covers through Taurin Clarke, Daniel Bayliss, Ibrahim Moustafa and Taurin Clarke. The problem is going on sale Jan. three from DC Comics.

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