Dates for the 2022 Royal Mail strike, including how many days they will strike and when, according to the CWU.

In a salary dispute, more than 115,000 postal workers will be on strike in August and September.
Following a strike on Friday, employees of Royal Mail will strike again on Wednesday, August 31. (26 August).
In September, there will be more strikes, which will seriously affect posting schedules.
It happens at the same time as the Communication Workers Union (CWU) declared that more than 115,000 postal workers would strike over pay and congregate outside Royal Mail agents around the nation.
The decision to strike was made following a recent referendum in which members chose to take industrial action by a 97.6% margin on a 77% turnout.
Additionally, it follows three months of negotiations that ended on August 9 with no deal in place.

How is the CWU putting it?

Dave Ward, general secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), stated on Friday, August 26, “This is the biggest strike in the UK since 2009, and we have over 115,000 members who are out on strike today after delivering a massive ‘yes’ vote — 97.7%.”
“And because of the compensation, our members have completely lost faith in the board, the firm, and the leadership. When people observe the manner in which the company has behaved itself, they will comprehend our members’ loss of faith.
Last year’s £758 million in profits set a record for the business. They granted more than £400 million to shareholders, rewarded themselves with enormous record bonuses for reaching their financial goals, and then mandated a 2% pay raise for postal workers. “It’s just not acceptable in light of the skyrocketing inflation and energy prices. One of the last remaining cornerstones of our society in the UK are postal workers. To ensure that our members receive the fair compensation they are due, we will battle tenaciously.

When will the Royal Mail strike begin?

On the following days, there will be a four-day staff strike and walkouts:
Friday, August 26, and Wednesday, August 31
Friday, September 9, and Thursday, September 8
In order to minimise inconvenience, Royal Mail has stated that it has “well-developed contingency measures.”
Letters won’t be delivered on strike days, but it noted that it was “committed on returning mail delivery back to normal as quickly as possible after strike action.”
Customers have received an apology from the corporation, which claims it has plans to minimise the inconvenience.

Does it impact delivery?

Deliver as many Special Delivery and Tracked24 packages as possible on days when there is strike action, according to Royal Mail
Give Covid test kits and prescription medications top priority for delivery.
Customers should be informed that any things they publish on social media the day before, during, or after the strike may experience delays.
Additionally, Royal Mail advises sending packages as far in advance as feasible of the strike dates and notes that collections will also be less frequent during the strikes.
The business claimed that it was unable to guarantee that all special delivery items will arrive by 9am or 1pm the following day.

Why are employees striking?

The CWU asked last month that the Royal Mail start negotiations for a “clean, no-strings” salary increase.
The union claimed that management’s 2% wage increase in response would dramatically lower worker living standards due to increasing inflation.
The corporation claimed that an additional 3.5% rise was possible in exchange for accepting a number of modifications, but the CWU rejected this proposal.
Nobody makes the choice to strike lightly, but postal employees are being pushed to the breaking point, according to CWU general secretary Dave Ward.
There is no question that postal workers are completely united in their desire to obtain the respectable, appropriate pay increase they deserve.

“We can’t continue to live in a nation where business owners bank billions of dollars while their staff is compelled to use food banks.” Our members won’t believe the company’s claims of hardship when Royal Mail executives are pocketing £758 million in profit and shareholders are taking home £400 million.
Terry Pullinger, the CWU’s deputy general secretary, continued, “Our members are fully aware of their value. They are prepared to battle for a real-term salary increase with no conditions that they are completely entitled to. We gladly pursued discussions and negotiations ever since this conflict started since no worker wants to be in this situation. However, management denied this, leaving us with no choice except to fight.


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