Christine Kelly was a woman who kept ailing horses and expectant canines in filthy circumstances. skips prison

Be advised that some individuals may find Christine Kelly’s unpleasant photographs of sick animals.
A farmer avoided jail time despite keeping more than 200 animals in filthy conditions, with some malnourished animals standing on up to three feet of faeces.
In addition to 130 horses and 60 dogs, Christine Kelly, 60, also housed donkeys, hens, goats, alpacas, and chicks in perilous barns.
Huge herds of ponies, many of whom had worm infestations, lived outside in fields with dangerous metal, and pieces of shattered fencing could be seen poking up from the deep mud.
Numerous dogs, some of which were significantly pregnant and others who had tiny puppies in tow, were discovered chained and tethered in the filthy yard, while others were kept cooped up in small, claustrophobic cages or improvised kennels. The RSPCA found two barns with pens full of donkeys, goats, and ponies; many of the animals were left standing on top of 2 to 3 feet of trash and faeces that had accumulated over months, the organisation found.

Inspectors’ shocking photographs capture shockingly emaciated donkeys resting on the ground:

Others, though, were mistreated for illnesses and had fur that was matted with faeces.
In January 2019, Kelly’s farm was raided by the authorities, who then charged him with multiple animal cruelty offences.
One of the thin animals discovered at Christine Kelly’s farm. Regarding SWNS
She was found guilty of failing to provide for the needs of 131 horses, including failing to give them a proper habitat, a water supply, appropriate diet, routine dental or farrier care, adequate parasite treatment, and management and treatment for illness and disease prevention.
Additionally, she was found guilty of inflicting needless suffering on a number of horses, dogs, and goats.

Kelly asserted during the course of the investigation that she did not own all of the animals that were discovered on the property, claiming instead that she only owned dogs and looked after six horses for her grandchildren.
However, a district judge found her responsible for 15 offences earlier this month, including 10 for causing needless suffering and 5 for failing to provide for the requirements of a number of farm animals. Kelly, of Ripley, Surrey, was sentenced to a lifetime ban from owning any animals at Staines Magistrates’ Court along with a 26-week prison term that was postponed for 18 months.
Additionally, a deprivation order was given for 12 dogs and 7 horses, allowing the charity to find new homes for them.
All other animals had already been given their written consent to be cared for by charities or to be adopted out.
204 horses, dogs, and farm animals were found by rescuers living in appalling conditions. Three had to be euthanized on the spot, while 14 horses either died or were put to death after receiving medical attention for their maladies.

The 60-year-old Christine Kelly raised goats, dogs, donkeys, chickens, alpacas, and horses in perilous stables. Source: RSPCA and SWNS:

Twenty foals in total, six goat calves, one alpaca, and nine pups were later born in charitable care; regrettably, two of the puppies perished soon after delivery.
Many animals lacked clean bedding or enough water to drink, according to Hazel Stevens, who was prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA in court.
“In general, the premises were in horrible shape, the housing for the animals was inadequate, and in many cases it constituted a risk to the animals contained within the various enclosures,” she said.
Numerous animals lacked access to clean, dry resting places and water to drink, there was little sufficient cover, and the surroundings were unclean and muddy. One goat found in one of the barns was severely malnourished, unable to stand, and filthy; it was deemed to be suffering and had to be put to sleep on site, according to Kirsty Withnall, case officer for the RSPCA Special Operations Unit, who coordinated the massive rescue operation and oversaw the investigation.

Dogs were discovered to be living in inadequate conditions, some in crates that were too small for them, and others in filthy, soggy kennels. Others suffered from severe health issues like underweight, ear infections, and dental damage. Inspector Withnall continued, “We saw two ponies both suffering from cyathostomiasis, a disease caused by parasites, who were collapsed on top of each other.” Inspector Withnall was describing the horrifying conditions rescuers discovered inside the barn. At first, I believed one of the ponies had passed away. Both were regrettably forced to be put to death on the spot since they were so frail and underweight.
According to the RSPCA, numerous horses were discovered in the fields, and investigators concluded that none had received proper care and nutrition or been shielded from dangers that could have injured them.
One of the horses that was saved, named Limpopo, was discovered to be terrified and would tremble when approached by humans.


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