Black Adam Is Not Like His Previous Roles, According to Dwayne Johnson:

According to Dwayne Johnson, his portrayal of the DC antihero Black Adam will be distinct from all of the characters he has performed in the past. In contrast to the characters he has portrayed in the past, Dwayne Johnson vows that his portrayal of DC Comics’ Black Adam will be unique. As a result of his long-standing enthusiasm in the part, Johnson will play the Kahndaq monarch who is a supervillain/anti-hero. Currently set to premiere on October 1st, 2022, is Black Adam by Jaume Collet-Serra. Teth-Adam, the ruler of Kahndaq, was created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck for Fawcett Comics before that publisher was acquired by DC Comics. Teth-Adam was given extraordinary powers by the wizard Shazam. Black Adam shared the same abilities as the superhero Shazam, but he decided to utilise them for his own ends, which led to his imprisonment before he was resurrected in the present day and turned into Shazam’s archenemy. As soon as Johnson’s Black Adam awakens from his incarceration in Collet-movie, Serra’s the Justice Society of America is drawn to him. They disapprove of Black Adam’s cruel, gory methods and deeper morality and want to turn him into a hero.

According to GamesRadar:

Johnson told Total Film that Black Adam is unlike any other role he has played in his career. The actor noted that Black Adam’s grayer, ambiguous morality would challenge the audience’s perceptions of whether he is a hero or a villain, and that he wished to emphasise that aspect in his performance. While Black Adam contains traits that spectators are familiar with from Johnson’s previous roles, he emphasises that the character is a complete departure from anything he’s performed before. See below for Johnson’s reaction.( I believe Black Adam will be a change from what people have seen of me onscreen throughout the years. I wanted to make sure that I brought Black Adam to life, knowing that it was a departure from what I had previously done, because there are a lot of components about Black Adam that are reliant on your perspective).

Johnson Concurred to Portray Black Adam in 2014:

The cinematic evolution of the character and the performer go way back. Fans at the time were enthusiastic about Johnson’s concept when he originally indicated interest in playing Black Adam in 2006. Producer Hiram Garcia revealed that Johnson has been interested in entering the superhero genre for some time in 2018, and that he saw Johnson as a suitable fit for the character while also clearly being passionate about the part. However, little movement would be achieved for nearly a decade.

It is evident that Johnson places a great deal of value on the character given his extensive involvement throughout Black Adam’s protracted transition from the page to the screen. Black Adam is a significant change for the actor himself, who has typically played heroic, less aggressive characters while in the major position in his acting career, even though Collet-Serra promises a deviation from usual superhero origins. Fans of Johnson will no doubt be excited to see the actor take on a darker, more sinister character as Black Adam is finally due to make his live-action debut.



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