After her mother died of ALS, Lindsey Vonn weeps for her:

Due to the passing of her mother, Lindsey Vonn is in grief. The Olympian posted on social media on Saturday to let people know that Linda Lindy Anne Lund, her mother, had “lost her battle with ALS.” The most decorated female skier in history, Vonn, shared a collection of pictures with her mother over the years on Instagram, including ones from when she was young up till the present.

“My devoted mother Lindy lost her fight with ALS, I’m so sorry. One year to the day after her diagnosis, she died gently as I held her hand, Vonn wrote in the touching caption. “I am very appreciative of each and every time I shared with her, but I am also pleased that she is no longer in pain and at peace. I’ll always be motivated by her since she was a brilliant light who’ll never go out.

Furthermore, Vonn reminded her fans:

Additionally, Vonn cited the tribute to her mother that she included in her 2022 memoir Rise, stating that it was “sadly suitable today.” The sentence that was initially printed in Vonn’s book said, “To my mother, this book is dedicated. She is my role model not because of what she achieved to advance my skiing career but rather because of how her unfailing optimism helped me become the person I am today—both on and, most importantly, off the slopes.”

“I have drawn perspective and inspiration from her in the face of every challenge I have encountered. Her life’s numerous challenges only helped her become more resilient, kind, and modest. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, that kind of grit has defined me since I was a young person “As she spoke, “I want to be as tough as you are one day, mom. I’d like to think that I’ll tackle each day with the same vigour and optimism as you do. I want to be as amazing a parent as you are to my children one day. You have my undying love.”

Gratitude greeted Vonn’s announcement:

Many of the athlete’s friends and supporters reacted with love and support to Vonn’s news, including skier Felix Neureuther, fellow Olympian Allyson Felix, Sabine Lisicki, and model Ashley Graham. Dwayne “In addition, The Rock” Johnson wrote to Vonn to express his condolences during this trying time, saying, “I’m so sorry for your loss, my buddy. I’m sending love, light, and mana to you and your family.”

2019 saw the addition of Olympian Lindsey Vonn to Dwayne Johnson’s Project Rock family as the company’s first worldwide ambassador. For individuals who are putting in a lot of effort while enduring a challenging year, she and Johnson are now introducing a new collection. Vonn exhorts her followers to take responsibility for their results.
A portion of the new collection was included in a video that Vonn just released on Instagram. She was wearing blue sports bra that featured the Project Rock logo, along with jogger-style training leggings that matched. A blue t-shirt with the word “Disrupt” printed across the chest was also included in another shot that she shared. In Johnson’s Iron Paradise workout facility, Vonn flaunted the garment as she performed a series of exercises.


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