Wed. Feb 24th, 2021
Suzanne Marie live stream

Suzanne Somers has been in news because of a strange incident. She was chilling with her husband in her California Estate. She was in the middle of the livestream with her fans on friday, when they spotted an unusual happening in the actress’ abode.

Suzanne Somers doesn’t just have labels of an actor and an author.

Suzanne Marie Somers is a woman with multiple talents. She is an acknowledged actor, an author of self love themed books and is also running her own business. Somers 74, was born in California USA. But her life doesn’t isn’t all about the glam. She has also fallen prey to criticism for promotion of some questionable medical practices. Her affliction towards treatments that have no scientific background caused her trouble.

Suzanne Marie

During her Facebook live, the couple along with their fans saw an intruder who had barely any clothes on. Almost naked man threw a fit and said that there were ghosts who were following him. This didn’t stay a secret to the fans and they were a part of this incident through their screens. One of the fans got so worried that they called Police and tried to protect actor and her family.

Facebook Livestream drama that everyone witnessed. It completely shocked the couple and fans

This happened when Somers was contouring through the livestream and she heard something. She asked her husband, Alan Hamel to see if he could feel a company. Somers and Hamel were expecting guests for the dinner and when the noises from the intruder got louder, they mistook him for a guest.

They asked him to come and join them, but when they saw who he was the couple was shocked. He wasn’t one of their invited guests. The Actor asked him how he got there and that he didn’t scare her. The man had some stupid things to say like his friend helped him get there and he didn’t know that the house was a property of someone. He apologised for his trespassing and was shown the door by the couple.

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