Sun. Mar 7th, 2021
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WhatsApp has announced the new privacy  policy for the users. However, this gained too much attention around the globe. WhatsApp users in various countries are very much concerned about their privacy. This led the company to clarify the issues on this new updated policy. Earlier it was announced by the company that people need to access this before February 8 but soon after so many contradictions with consumers WhatsApp has extended this policy to May 15, 2021. If users will not accept it they will loose the access to the application. Various people have asked the users to switch over new application or to wait till the next move by the company. However, the company gave clarification on what policy is expressing to its consumers. But still there is no solution found and people are not ready for this move. Recently the Indian government has asked WhatsApp to withdraw the changes in the application.

Steps taken by Indian Government for WhatsApp Consumers

The Government of India believes that this policy is brought such changes which are not fair. These changes will become a problem to the privacy of people. However, such policies are not acceptable. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has wrote a letter to CEO of WhatsApp for the withdrawal of this policy. The Government believe that nobody can snatch the privacy of people from them. People have freedom of choice and data security. If they accept the changes made by company then their privacy will be ruined. Indian market is one of the most growing WhatsApp users market in the world. Almost every citizen of the country is using WhatsApp these days. But if such policies come in the market they will become threat for the communication.

WhatsApp new claim

Recently users have seen a status updated by WhatsApp itself which shows that people need not to worry about their privacy. The company will only utilize the data for chatting with business accounts, which further helps in serving targeted ads. Also they claims that messages are end to end encrypted. However, on the decision taken by Indian Government WhatsApp has not given any response. So we could just wait for the further decisions by the company as well as the government.

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