Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Tractor Flips During Hayride in Illinois, Killing One and Injuring 17

A hayride flips a tractor in Illinois on late night on Saturday, 24th October, killing one woman and injuring 17 others. Police said that the incident took place when a tractor and a trailer used for slow journeys overturned.

Illinois Police in a news release said that a John Deere tractor hauled the double-axle trailer at around 9 p.m. near Nauvoo III with passengers seated on the hay bales. The trailer moved to the right side of the passageway when the driver lost his control of the trailer. The hayride threw the driver and many passengers from the trailer.

The police found the 41-year-old driver, Wayne York, hauling the trailer and issued a charge for not being able to lower speed to avoid the accident.

A local news channel describes the incident

A television news channel of Western Illinois, WGEM, broadcasted that when the driver, Wayne York lost control of the trailed while moving up, the trailer and the tractor slipped into a wooden pass. The early investigation of the Illinois State Police traffic reconstruction team reports that the trailer was larger in size for the tractor to haul. That was the main reason behind the incident.
Injured people had 15 children between the age of 1 to 12 and two adults. They were taken to a nearby hospital. The 32-year-old woman who died could not be identified.

Emergency workers gathered at the scene of the hayride accident in Hancock County, Ill., on Saturday night.
Residents heard helicopters and ambulances’ sound on Saturday night

When the medical and emergency officers answered the accident on Saturday, Brenda Brown, a Nauvoo, Hancock County resident said she heard the sounds of helicopters and ambulances on Saturday late night. When she went to the accident site on Sunday she found that the soil was very soft because of the rain. She said it was to visit the accident site in the car she wouldn’t feel safe going there.

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Views of a 13 year resident of Nauvoo

Susan Tanton, a 13 year resident of Nauvoo said that Nauvoo hosts their yearly Halloween Pumpkin Walk during this time every year, and hayrides are popular in this festival. Thousand of people show up to see the hundreds of carved pumpkin showcased there. The celebration was aborted this year though few people came to Nauvoo last Saturday.
Ms. Tanton felt that hayrides may not be a safe thing to do at night. Recently, she heard an identical incident and thought people were becoming more cautious about hayrides.

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