Midnight Ghost Hunt – Everything We Know So Far

The game Midnight Ghost Hunt is the one to play if you notice something weird in your neighborhood that doesn’t appear to be good for the neighborhood.

This spooktacular team-based multiplayer game, developed by Vaulted Sky Games and She Was Such A Good Horse AB, is a unique take on the first-person shooter (FPS) genre.

In recent weeks, a closed beta for the ghoul-filled event was held, providing a peek of what is to come. Here’s all you need to know about Midnight Ghost Hunt in one convenient location.

When Does Midnight Ghost Hunt Release?

Following the closed beta, there is no set schedule for the release of Midnight Ghost Hunt at this time.

Although it is predicted to decrease in 2022, You can keep an eye out for the next beta phase for the time being.

What Is Midnight Ghost Hunt?

Middle-of-the-Night Ghost Hunt is a multiplayer horror game in which asymmetrical teams compete against one another in 4v4 sessions of scaretastic fun at midnight.

To fully appreciate the game, you must consider both the Hunter and the Ghost sides. To collect the ghosts who are wreaking havoc, hunters will be dispatched to the scene.

On the other hand, ghosts will have to disguise themselves as everyday items in order to keep the Hunters from escaping alive.

They have till midnight to finish the job, or else all hell will break free on their heads.


The arsenal of weaponry at your disposal will be extensive. To ensure that those pesky Ghosts remain in their ethereal world, you can employ the following methods.

  • Spectral Cannon: Standard issue for any worthy Hunter. Don’t cross the streams.
  • Project X: A machine gun with a great firing rate. Be careful not to overheat it!
  • Harpoon Bazooka: Trap Ghosts in place with this useful tool! It’ll shock your enemies for a short time, so try and get your teammates to help in the process.
  • Reaper: This is Midnight Ghost Hunt’s take on the Sniper Rifle. It’ll fire a small dart that explodes three seconds later. Definitely worth a try.

  • Ghostsmasher: The Ghostsmasher may lack a punch, but it’s enough to get you out of a pinch. A solid melee weapon.
  • Sledgehammer: Packing more punch than the Ghostsmasher, the Sledgehammer is essential for breaking objects and revealing the locations of Ghosts.
  • Salt Shotgun: Your best friend for Anti-Ghost goodness. Fires salt shakers for a knockback effect.
  • Frostbite: Slow Ghosts down with this freezing take on an SMG.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Trailer

Final Words

That’s All About Midnight Ghost Hunt. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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