Lil Baby And Jayda Cheaves Throw Major Shade At Each Other On Social Media!

Are Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves over for good? It seems like there’s trouble in paradise for Jayda Cheaves and rapper Lil Baby! The pair has been making headlines for a while now. Jayda Cheaves recently raised rumors after posting a few cryptic messages that might give way to split rumors. The online feud is surely getting messier this time!

The influencer who has been dating Lil Baby for a while now posted on her status story that she is finally standing up. In another story, she said that Everything comes to an end and to Never force it and be happy instead. The rapper soon shared a video that talked about people who could play wit with him. He posted it within an hour after Jayda uploaded her posts.

The Couple Has Been Sharing Cryptic Sparking Split Rumors!

The pair shares three-year-old son Loyal Armani and has been together for a long time. Jayda earlier revealed in an interview how she and Lil Baby met in Atlanta and have been together for almost six years. However, she added that the relationship had hit too many roadblocks on the way. Jayda also took to Twitter as many tried to troll her for the ongoing feud between her and the rapper. As many speculate, Jayda Cheaves might be done with the relationship this time. Here’s what she wrote on social media that might be a bit cryptic on the outside!


Jayda and Lil Baby have been engaging in some dissing games as they post shady texts on their social media. As these posts are not cryptic anymore, Jayda writes how her beau has been playing with her for the past six years. This message comes as a response to the video that the rapper uploaded.

Lil Baby And Jayda Cheaves

While talking about the tumultuous relationship, Jayda admitted that there has been so much damage publicly that it might be a bit difficult to mend it as she believes that it’s almost like putting a Band-Aid over something and getting back together. However, given that the pair has so much history together, they have reconciled a few times.

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