Finally, the much anticipated Mesoamerican-inspired action-adventure game from Assemble Entertainment and created by Grimbart Tales is on the verge of becoming a reality.

What is ITORAH?

ITORAH is an action-adventure game developed by Grimbart Tales and published by Assemble Entertainment.

It is inspired by platformer games from the Nintendo Gameboy era and was released on the Nintendo eShop on March 31.


Leisure Suit: Larry, Endzone: A World Apart, and other titles published by Assemble Entertainment are examples of the company’s diverse portfolio.

Grimbart Tales, on the other hand, is a brand-new independent developer that has released Itorah as its first title.

ITORAH Release Date

On March 21st, their new game Itorah will be released on PC via Steam and GOG, according to the developers. In less than a month, players will go on an adventure that will include aspects of Metroidvania, side-scrolling, and platforming.


In this epic adventure, you’ll travel with the titular Itorah across the exotic and mysterious realm of Nahucan, where you’ll meet odd, masked characters and learn the truth about a dreadful plague that has befallen the land and its inhabitants.


Itorah will travel around the cursed region with her smart-mouthed sentient weapon, an axe named Koda, as they try to solve the mysteries of the land’s lore and culture.

ITORAH Trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Itorah has been released alongside the announcement of the game’s release date.

The trailer shows off a variety of bosses that players can expect to encounter throughout the course of the game. Is this a game that you will be checking out when it is out next month? If so, what do you think of it?

Final Words

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